New Nine Editorial Novelties for October 2022

One of our trusted publishers is new nine and this month of October 2022 they bring us news very interesting in a month of the most complete. “Do you know that pleasant feeling that sometimes invades our minds with the idea that you have done your job well?” Well, that’s what New Nine has achieved this month, we’ll tell you. If you want to know the September news you can click here.

Alexia’s Demons 1

New Nine brings us a beautiful edition of hardcover and embossed detailsperfect to give to someone with a taste for magic and demonsbut without any fear. Work of Benoit Ers, Vincent Dugomierthe full color drawing is very enjoyable and the style reminds me a bit of Tintin.

The Center for the Investigation of Supernatural Phenomena is a discreet institution whose mission is to fight against the occult phenomena that manifest throughout the planet. The day that young Alexia arrives at the center, her life turns upside down. She is a beginner but very talented exorcist, she cannot control her powers, which will become her main working tool. But she is also the source of her problems! Surrounded by the best specialists in occult sciences, our heroine will lead real police investigations. In them the classic criminals are replaced by the forces of evil.

To better fight against her enemies, Alexia will have to go to Yorthopia, a mythical country that gathers all the hidden knowledge.

Format Cardboard (19 x 27cm), 224 pages.
Gender Supernatural
Color In color
Price €30
Availability October 3

The Tin Heart

new series of BeKa Y Jose Luis Munuera that already had triumphed in France and finally reaches the Spanish bookstores. An history about mother-daughter love in the future with robots. Childhood, maturity, the complexity of relationships and accepting changes. All with an aesthetic retrofuturistic.

News New Nine October 2022

In a retro-futuristic world where humans live surrounded by robot servants, the young Iséa prefers to take refuge in Cyrano de Bergerac, a film recommended by Tal, her only friend, whom she only knows through the screen. But the day Debry, her beloved robot babysitter, is fired by her mother, the teen’s fragile balance falls apart. Iséa decides at all costs to find the only person who has given her love, even being a robot… Accompanied by a schoolmate, Tilio, she heads to the strange town of Tulpa. A story with an amazing background and an equally amazing theme. This first volume of El Corazón de Tinlata intelligently and delicately explores the mother-daughter relationship in what is innate or constructed, but also sometimes toxic.

Format Cardboard (22 x 30cm), 72 pages.
Gender retrofuturistic, drama, coming of age
Color In color
Price €20
Availability October 10th

The Forbidden Port

A love story of great purity in time of the pirates is what this graphic novel written and illustrated by Teresa Radice and Stefano Turconi. This, along with Alexia’s Demonsis a deluxe edition with textured cover. Winner of a Best Graphic Novel Awardhis style is sketched in black and white, as if he were blurring.

In the summer of 1807, a ship belonging to His Majesty’s navy recovers a young shipwrecked man, Abel, who only remembers his name, off the coast of Siam. He soon befriends the first mate acting as captain as the ship’s commander disappears. Abel returns to England and finds accommodation at the inn run by the fugitive captain’s three daughters. He will discover something deeply disturbing about himself and understand the true nature of some of the people who have helped him. An intense book that delves into the soul of the protagonists and their readers. A special edition, larger and with color extras, with a cleverly aged cover to look even more like an old nautical atlas. An essential version!

Format Cardboard (19 x 27cm), 307 pages.
Gender romance, pirates
Color black and white
Price €30
Availability October the 17th

Shadows and Dust – Welcome to Springville

This delivery is the last of the saga Welcome to Springville created by Giancarlo Berardi and Ivo Milazzo. Shadows and Dust it is written by Milazzo, following in the footsteps of Berardi, who wrote seven and Milazzo has concluded with four. Not your typical westerndelves deeply into the lives of its characters and with a classic american comic book aesthetic.

News New Nine October 2022

Far from the topics of the classic western: duels with revolvers, stagecoach attacks, Indians on the warpath, lonely cowboys, that the cinema has always presented us, ‘Welcome to Springville’ tells us the story of the inhabitants of a small town in the West. A town like many others, where each one has its own history, its own secrets, its own demons and its own dreams. From the sheriff to the doctor, from the farmer to the gambler, from the saloonkeeper to the repentant son… heroes, maybe… but it is also true that they are beautiful souls who make Springville rich and united. Eleven Berardi episodes of which Calegari draws seven of them (New Nine, May 2022) and Milazzo the remaining four, which are included in this work that we are now presenting to you.

Format Cardboard (22 x 30cm), 56 pages.
Gender western, costumbrista
Color In color
Price €22
Availability October 24th

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New Nine Editorial Novelties for October 2022