New series coming, great actors and excellent agents

Here comes the Italian ‘Call My Agent’, protagonists actors and directors of our cinema grappling with auditions and engagements. And comes, from the award-winning world of video games, ‘The Last of Us’. Harrison Ford stars in a new series. In France, a much-discussed president. In the United States, the behind-the-scenes of the tragedies of ‘Glee’

From play to series

The adventure video game for PlayStation turns 10. One of the most awarded games (256 awards), ‘The Last of Us’ it is also a bestseller worldwide. Now it’s time to make it a series, which takes place twenty years after the destruction of modern civilization. When survivor Joel (Pedro Pascal) has to get young Ellie (Bella Ramsey) out of a terrible oppressive quarantine zone. On Sky Atlantic, from 16/1

At what cost the glory?

Airing from 2009 to 2015, ‘Glee’ was a hugely successful series, with its stories of a group of marginalized students who find their redemption in singing school. However, it was also a series that brought a lot of bad luck to its protagonists. An actor (Cory Monteith) died of an overdose, another (Mark Salling) committed suicide, a third (Naya Rivera) drowned. ‘The Price of Glee’ reconstructs with unpublished testimonies behind the scenes of this show that made its performers famous, but damned their lives. On Discovery+ (USA), from 16/1

Paula Cortellesi

The Italian agent

In the original French it is entitled ‘Dix pour cent’: 10%, as much as the fee of the agents who find engagements for actors and directors. The series was a great success, and all the big names in cinema, from Huppert to Bellucci, took part in individual episodes. Now comes the Italian version. ‘Call My Agent – ​​Italy’ there are 6 episodes produced by Sky Studios and Palomar, and directed by Luca Ribuoli (‘Speravo de mori’ prima’). 4 protagonist agents (Michele Di Mauro, Sara Drago, Maurizio Lastrico and Marzia Ubaldi), working with various actors of our star system, from Stefano Accorsi to Paula Cortellesifrom Corrado Guzzanti to Paolo Sorrentino. On Sky Series, from 20/1

The noir president

Cinema and series love the trend of ‘accidental presidents’. It was seen in the film with Claudio Bisio ‘Benvenire Presidente!’, it is seen again in the episodes retrieved from the television past of the ‘Servant of the people’ Zelenski. This time we are in France, where the animator of a youth center in the suburbs of Paris (the actor Jean Pascal Zadi) is about to become the first black French president. But not everyone agrees. In the cast of ‘single candidate’also Benoit Poelvoorde (‘God exists and lives in Brussels’) and Marina Fois. On Netflix, 1/20

Fight Russia

Marina Litvinenko is the protagonist of a miniseries in which she recounts the dramatic end of her husband and the 10-year struggle to obtain justice, also continuing to turn to international courts. Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB agent and then a dissident, died in 2006 from radioactive polonium poisoning in his tea. In the role of him act David Tennant (‘Doctor Who’, ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’). While the part of Marina is played by Russian-American actress Margarita Levieva (‘The Deuce’, ‘Revenge’). ‘Litvinenko – Investigation into the death of a dissident’ runs for 4 episodes, directed by Jim Field Smith). On Sky Atlantic, from 25/1

Harrison Ford

Indiana Jones and the ‘squeeze’

80 years to live in series. Harrison Ford not yet ready to retire. We find him in two series in this early 2023. The second will be the western ‘1923’. The first is ‘shrinking’, created by Jason Segel with Emmy-winning writers Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein. It stars Segel himself, as a grieving therapist who tells his patients exactly what he thinks of them. While Harrison Ford participates in three episodes. On Apple TV+, from 1/27

Paranormal battles

Once the ‘Stranger Things’ saga is over, other kids grappling with ‘anomalous’ episodes appear in series. ‘Lockwood & Co’ is set in a haunted world where corporations use paranormal teenagers to fight against the supernatural. Only Anthony Lockwood, a young rebel entrepreneur played by Cameron Chapman, opposes this exploitation, joined by the eccentric George and Lucy, endowed with incredible powers. On Netflix, from 1/27

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