Omar Sy will play a samurai for his next Netflix series

After following in the footsteps of the famous gentleman burglar in Lupine – In Arsene’s ShadowOmar Sy will play the samurai Yasuke for Netflix.

After the success of Lupine on Netflix, Omar Sy has signed a major contract with the platform for several years. The Caesarized actor has thus signed up with the Red N to produce and play in many other programs of its future catalog. The actor had shown excellent professionalism on Lupine, by perfectly fulfilling its role as the main actor and by investing effectively in communication. It’s no wonder, then, that Netflix has pledged its trust for a long-term relationship with him.

This partnership is now about to bear its first fruits with the announcement of Yasuke. This series should tell the true story of an African slave who found himself in feudal Japan and then became the first non-Japanese samurai. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Omar Sy will therefore be the producer, but also the interpreter of Yasuke.

Omar Sy through the ages

This isn’t Netflix’s first attempt to tell the story of the African samurai. The animated series Yasuke of 2021 had unfortunately trashed a promising story mixing it with elements of the supernatural and tonal inconsistencies that are more embarrassing than creative. While Yasuke’s character and his life are already compelling enough to tell a good story, hopefully the platform now picks up on it properly and doesn’t make another mess.

It’s 21 Laps Entertainment (which also produced Stranger Things) and Shawn Levy who are in charge of the series this time and have already chosen Craig Shreve’s book, african samurai, as an adaptation support. Screenwriter Nick Jones Jr., who had previously worked on the previous Yasuke, returns to the writing of this one – an ill-advised choice at first glance, even if it is very likely that Jones had to submit to a calamitous specifications for the previous adaptation. We dare to believe that he is capable of better with the book of Shreve as a basis, especially since he recently declared that he had always dreamed of telling the legend of Yasuke, since his naval service in Japan.

Yasuke : photo, YasukeYasuke is finally waiting for a good adjustment in his life

Friend of the famous Oda Nobunaga and mythical warrior, Yasuke will therefore play a major role. It has never been brought to the screen by any actor (it was amazing) even if Chadwick Boseman could have interpreted it, as announced in 2019, before such a project was abruptly interrupted. It is therefore Omar Sy who will have the responsibility of succeeding him and he is already very enthusiastic:

I’ve been inspired by Yasuke for a while. With this superb team, we will create a remarkable series […] The action sequences will undoubtedly be phenomenal.

Beautiful promises that we want to believe as the project is exciting and probably quite important. With Forest Whitaker as executive producer and a serious team behind the series, one would tend to be confident. Omar Sy, meanwhile, has proven that he could be a talented dramatic actor and finds here a perfect opportunity to raise his game even further.

Omar Sy will play a samurai for his next Netflix series