On Netflix the director of “Drive” presents his new black series

After Drive, The Neon Demon and the series Too Old to Die Young, Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn plunges us into the twists and turns of Copenhagen for a terrible encounter with the underworld. As strange as it is contemplative, the series Copenhagen Cowboy premieres January 5 on Netflix.

“Copenhagen Cowboy”, the new series by Nicolas Winding Refn available on January 5 on Netflix.

1. Copenhagen Cowboy, a strange black series on Netflix

Three years later Too Old to Die Young, Ultra-violent black series broadcast on Amazon Prime, Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn is joining a competing platform this time: Copenhagen Cowboy, his new six-episode hour-long program premieres on Netflix on January 5. Previewed at the Lumière Festival in October 2022, this thriller described as “strange and confusing” by the first spectators follows the adventures of Miu (Angela Bundanovic), an enigmatic young girl who crosses the sinister landscape of the criminal world of Copenhagen. In search of justice and revenge, she then embarks on an odyssey through the natural… and the supernatural. We obviously find in this series the attraction of the filmmaker for contemplative films and slick photography – strongly inspired by that of David Lynch – oscillating between scarlet gleams and flashes of stroboscopes. A dark story sublimated by the electronic soundtrack of Cliff Martinez, already at the helm of the hypnotic scores of Drive (2011), Only God Forgives (2013) and The Neon Demon (2016), three feature films by Nicolas Winding Refn. In the cast: the sinister-looking actor Zlatko Burić – seen in the trilogy Pusher and more recently in the Triangle of Sadness by Ruben Östlund – but also Lola Winding Refn, the filmmaker’s own daughter.

The trailer for “Copenhagen Cowboy”, the new series from Nicolas Winding Refn available on Netflix on January 5.

2. Nicolas Winding Refn, the man who discovered Mads Mikkelsen

Between thrillers, black comedy and psychedelic horror films, Copenhagen Cowboy therefore looks like pure Nicolas Winding Refn. In February 2019, Number devoted an article to his favorite actor Mads Mikkelsen, precisely formed by the fanatical screenwriter of unexpected hemoglobin jets, contemplative feature films and phlegmatic characters with an impenetrable psyche. Their professional relationship is not new. Mads Mikkelsen lands his first role alongside his Scandinavian counterpart – dyslexic and color blind – in the dark trilogy Pusher. Filmed on the shoulder, this ultra-violent slap against the backdrop of drug trafficking caused a sensation. Three years later, Mikkelsen returns to the same filmmaker and bursts the screen as an introverted cinephile in Bleeder, a sticky drama in which the video club acts as an outlet. Despite the film’s flop, the actor will distribute copies of Bleeder in Cannes, on the Croisette, almost undercover… The Refn-Mikkelsen era came to an end in 2009 after a fifth collaboration: Valhalla Rising. An ode to slowness, a kind of artistic performance against a backdrop of Viking struggle that is disconcerting because it has been labeled the “seventh art”. But in 2019, it was in a video game that we discovered the director – again alongside Mads Mikkelsen – in death stranding, sumptuous artwork by Japanese designer Hideo Kojima which brought together for the occasion a slew of movie stars. They embodied the characters of his futuristic game, while the players slipped into the skin of Sam, a hero lost in an apocalyptic world.

Copenhagen Cowboy by Nicolas Winding Refn, available January 5 on Netflix

On Netflix the director of “Drive” presents his new black series