On Netflix there’s a beautiful thriller to watch tonight, a super Oscar

On Netflix, watch this wonderful thriller film of great impact, with a very intricate and fascinating plot that will captivate you from the first moment to the last.

Do you like the thriller movie full of suspense but that they also have many supernatural elements? Did you love movies like “I remember” and “Insomnia”? Then come on Netflix search and watch tonight this title that boasts a cast of great actors and no less than 8 nominations for Oscar awardsincluding 4 statuettes won!

Poised between dream and reality, real and surreal, the events intertwine in “Inception”, born from the film camera of Christopher Nolan (“Batman Begins”, “The dark Knight”) and starring Leonardo Dicaprio. The Hollywood star gives face and substance to this sci-fi thriller that boasts other illustrious actors such as Marion Cotillard (“Big Fish”, “Public enemy”, “Midnight in Paris“), Elliot Page (“Juno“), Ken Watanabe (“The last samurai“), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“Lincoln”, “Don Jon“).

A film of great impact, with a very intricate and fascinating plot, and a development of events that captivates the viewer, making everything very engaging.

Do you like stories that unite distant worlds and that interconnect dreamlike dimensions and real life? So “Inception” available on demand on Netflix could be just the right title for you.

The main action of the film is the connection to the world of dreams, therefore something unreal, irrational and essentially fantastic, which for these very reasons attaches the viewer to the screen in the same way as well-made films of this genre. Stealing information from people’s minds while they sleep or, conversely, putting the ideas you want into people’s heads: what more frighteningly fascinating and dangerous actions!

A screenplay that took ten years to write, precisely because of the complex dynamics that were brought into play in this production that immediately met with great success with the public. A very complex film, but at the same time linear and rational, in which the English director wanted to try to make the viewer get lost in its mysterious meanders.

If you haven’t watched it yet, but you’re intrigued, you can type it on Netflix among thrillers to find out when dream and reality meet what will be the end that awaits us.


Watch the trailer and read the story

The protagonist is an “extractor” of secrets from human minds, a professional who infiltrates people’s dreams while they sleep through a device that allows dream sharing.

Accompanied by a partner, he tries to get into the head of a powerful Japanese businessman but an unexpected event does not make the plan go through. It will turn out that man only tested him. Hence a proposal: the extractors will have to develop the reverse process, i.e. the graft.

They will have to plant the idea of ​​dissolving his business empire after his father’s death into the mind of a business rival. At this point they will have to put together a real team, enlisting a forger who manages to change appearance within dreams, an architecture student who will have the task of instructing dreamers on how to imagine the world they will find themselves in, a chemist anesthetist with the task of making the dream imperturbable to external agents, and Mr. Saito himself, the Japanese businessman, who himself wants to control the progress of the operations.

From here we will enter a vortex of shared dreamlike levels: what will come of it and who will be able to emerge unscathed?

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On Netflix there’s a beautiful thriller to watch tonight, a super Oscar-winning film.