Our General press conference, statements and speeches

Rita Dalla Chiesa and the actors Sergio Castellitto and Teresa Saponangelo participate in the meeting.

The press conference is scheduled for Wednesday 4 January, from 12:00 Our General. The series tells the story of Special anti-terrorism unitcreated by General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa. The production is divided into four prime time evenings, broadcast on Rai 1 and streamed on Rai Play. Attend the meeting Maria Pia Admire yourself, Director Rai Fiction. With her Simona Ercolani, Chief Executive Officer from the Stand By Me. Also waiting for the director Lucio Pellegrini And Rita Dalla Chiesa. Finally, the cast participates, that is Sergio Castellitto, Teresa Saponangelo And Antonio Folletto.

Our General press conference, the meeting begins

The press conference begins Our General. Take the floor there Director Maria Pia Admire yourself: “Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa was a civil hero who went through one of the most complicated moments in our country, marked by terrorism and violence. Ours is an event series, centered on a person who put the good of the state before his own, dedicating his life to others. We, as a public service, must also tell the recent story. I thank Rita Dalla Chiesa and all the cast, especially Sergio Castellitto, who managed to make him the principles of courage and generosity that moved the General ”.

The press conference of Our General continues with Simona Ercolani: “We started working on the project more than three years ago. The story we have told is important and has never been told before: one should ask why. Dalla Chiesa was a leader, who with his team found himself having to face a war, as he called it. We have shot in Rome, Palermo and Turin and the forces of order have always welcomed us as if we were part of the same family”.

Director Lucio Pellegrini: “I lived in the industrial triangle and I breathed those years. I have tried to reconstruct the atmosphere of tension that hovered at the time. There is a very strong work on realities and for this reason I wanted to shoot the scenes in the real places where they happened”. The screenwriter Monica Zapelli: “The hardest thing was making complexity simple. We wanted to give a serial imprint to the script, in which the life of the boys of the Nucleus is followed as well as that of the General. I was struck by the fact that, the latter, he was able to trust everyone around him ”.

Our general press conference Maria Pia Ammirati

Speak the cast

The press conference of Our General goes ahead with the words of the cast. The first to intervene is Sergio Castellittowho plays the protagonist: “Our children, in schools, study history up to the Second World War. The process of historicizing men like General Carlo Della Chiesa is impossible. We are unable to archive these facts through a cold and detached analysis because the pain is still alive. The General was a man of peace, despite the war.”

Teresa Saponangelowhich gives the face to Dora Fabbo (wife of the protagonist) adds: “My concern was to be able to provide an authentic interpretation from an emotional point of view. Dora lived alongside her husband for years and, although she did not hold any institutional role, she had the task of keeping the family going. She was a great woman of the times, a graduate and aware of what was happening ”. He intervenes Antonio Follettonarrative voice of the entire fiction: “The men of the Nucleus have helped us to enter the context that the fiction intends to reconstruct. With their efforts they saved democracy. I hope that many young people will be able to attend the production”.

Alessio practicedwho plays Umberto Bonaventura: “My character is a terrorism expert, known for his work in the Moro case but who helped Dalla Chiesa and his team”. Camilla Semino Favro (in the Rita Dalla Chiesa series) comments: “I tried to enter gracefully and on tiptoe. For me it was exciting and Mrs. Dalla Chiesa allowed us to open very personal doors to her family ”.

Our general press conference parterre

Our General press conference, Rita and Nando Dalla Chiesa

The press conference of Our General continue with the statements of Rita Dalla Chiesa: “We children had a father present. My mom was the hub of my father’s life, who told her everything, including her fears and worries. I find it difficult to talk about him. I remember his great loyalty, respect, love for his team and the transparency of his every action. It may seem paradoxical, but dad also had a relationship of father and son with Red Brigade member Patrizio Peci, whom I would like to meet and thank: he trusted my father in a moment of great tension. Throughout the cast I saw love, passion and emotion. Rai has finally given a face to all those kids who sacrificed their lives for the state”.

Son Nando adds: “My dad was a man of institutions. Seeing him in trouble, I asked him who made him do it. He replied that there are things one does not out of courage, but to look more serenely into one’s children’s eyes. I haven’t seen any previews, but the few seconds of the promo were enough for me to understand that the fiction is different and profound. A son always fears what is written about his loved ones, but I understood that this time I need not fear. All of this is very beautiful.”

The General Ubaldo Del Monaco: “For us carabinieri, Carlo Alberto is an example that we live every day. He shored up his existence with extraordinary facts and illuminating intuitions, which are still relevant today ”.

Rita and Nando Dalla Chiesa

Journalists’ questions

The press conference of Our General continues with questions from journalists. The first is for Sergio Castellittowho is asked for information on preparing to enter the role: “I read and study, as I always do. In this case, then, I was lucky enough to be able to meet the children, from whom I listened to precious testimonies. The most difficult thing was to enter Dalla Chiesa’s personal sphere“. Lucio Pellegriniwhen asked about the location, reveals: “In Palermo we shot in the house where the protagonists actually lived“.

The press conference of Our General ends with a question concerning the presence of P2 in the plot. Monica Zapelli: “We relied on commissions of inquiry and hearings. We do not claim to write reality. We leave it to the public to make a synthesis“.

Our General press conference, statements and speeches