Paper house: Berlin, filming begins: The plot and the actors who will support Pedro Alonso

Connected from Madrid at a press conference, the actors and creators of the awaited spin-off have revealed a few more details of the series that will arrive on Netflix in 2023.

Filming is about to officially begin Paper house: Berlinthe spin-off of The paper house dedicated to Andrés de Fonollosa alias Berlin, the charming thief played by Pedro Alonso. Announced last December just before the release of the last episodes of the mother series, the new series will come on Netflix in 2023. What should we expect? The creators Alex Pina and Esther Martinez Lobato, together with Pedro Alonso and the rest of the cast, attended a press conference from Madrid which we also followed in live streaming. The first details of the series and some juicy news have been revealed, such as a teasers which presents us the actors of the cast and the respective characters who will join Pedro Alonso/Berlin in this new adventure (we will share it with you as soon as Netflix makes it available).

Paper House: Berlin, the cast revealed

The new additions to the cast de Paper house: Berlin I am Michelle Jenner, Tristan Ulloa, Begoña Vargas (Welcome to Eden), Julio Pena (From my window) And Joel Sanchez. Jenner will play Keila, a computer engineer expert in web security and therefore the “brain” of the gang; Ullos will play Damián, Berlin’s “Jimical Cricket” and his old friend; Vargas will play Cameron, a very strong woman who loves to have fun and has a “roller coaster inside”. Peña will play Roi, the “squire” of Berlin; Sánchez will play Bruce, considered a bit of the “brainless” of the group, a dynamic young man who lives by the philosophy of carpe diem and lives in the moment.

The idea, the plot and the setting

As we know, Berlin actually died in the second season of the series created by Alex Pina and yet this didn’t stop the writers from reinserting him in the following episodes of the series. The paper house through flashback. The spin-off, it seems, will continue to tell a prequel story and centers on the adventures of the eccentric dandy and older brother of the Professor before the two planned the robbery of the State Mint together. Alex Pina explained that the series is set in a indefinite past is that the story takes place between Spain and Paris. “Once we opted for a spin-off on Berlin we had a choice: either resurrect it by making the series take an almost sci-fi direction or go backwards. And we chose the second option,” said Pina. For his part, Pedro Alonso said he was enthusiastic about returning to the role of a character who brought him so much luck. “A new cycle is opening and for me it is a real gift to go back to being Berlin, a character who is a real theme park. He survives death, hell, limbo, the dark side,” the actor said.

The paper house Berlin

While not denying the past de The paper houseEsther Martínez Lobato pointed out that it was important that the new series have its own identity and that it worked independently. There will, of course, be robberies and there will be a gang of thieves but this new project, compared to the parent series, will have a more comic vocation and a more romantic tone. “Our primary objective remains to entertain. In the context in which we are living, with a war in Europe and a great crisis, we believe that our job is to bring some light and show funny characters. You will know a less obscure and more hedonistic Berlinless thief with gun and more conjurer like David Copperfield. It was time to limit the claustrophobic oppression of violent robberies,” said Alex Pina.

When will Paper House Berlin be released on Netflix?

Netflix just said we’ll see Paper house: Berlin in 2023. Filming of the series is about to begin but the creators have not been able to imagine a precise release date also because, as they explained, they haven’t finished writing the scripts for the first season yet. A detail which, however, they believe can be transformed into an excellent opportunity. “We can add characters or settings as we go, and as we shoot we also figure out what works best,” they noted. And they have not ruled out incursions of other characters already known from the de universe The paper house And easter eggs for fans. “But we can’t say more, because it would be spoilers“, they concluded.

Paper house: Berlin, filming begins: The plot and the actors who will support Pedro Alonso