Percy Jackson: The Disney+ Series also enlists Jay Duplass and Timothy Omundson

The adaptation of the successful children’s saga about the teenage demigod born from the pen of Rick Riordan will be streaming soon.

Percy Jackson and the Olympiansthe series that will adapt on Disney+ the novels of Rick Riordan centered on the teenage demigod Perseus Jackson, can count on two other important deities of ancient Greece played by two stars of the small screen. Joining the already large cast of the series, coming to streaming soon, Jay Duplass (seen in Industry And Transparent) And Timothy Omundson (Psych). The two will be respectively Hadesthe god of the Underworld, e Hephaestusthe god of blacksmiths and fire.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Plot

Percy Jackson and the Olympianswhich promises to be more faithful to the books after the disappointing films of 2010 and 2013, follows Percy Jackson (played by the young actor from The Adam Project Walker Scobell), a twelve-year-old modern-day demigod who must deal with his supernatural powers when Zeus accuses him of stealing his thunderbolt. Thus, together with his friends Grover and Annabeth (Aryan Simhadri And Leah Sava Jeffries), Percy sets off on a journey across America to find her and restore order to Olympus.

The roles of Timothy Omundson and Jay Duplass and the rest of the cast

Hades is described as a god who feels like “an outcast from his family” and “a misunderstood genius” who harbors a grudge for past wrongs. Meanwhile, Hephaestus “became disabled when he was thrown off Mount Olympus as a child.” He still has legendary strength and his “capacity for kindness and mercy distinguishes him from his brothers and sisters in the world of the gods”. The two actors inherit their characters respectively from Steve Coogan who played Hades and Conrad Coates who played Hephaestus in the films Percy Jackson & the Olympians – The Lightning Thief And Percy Jackson & the Olympians – Sea of ​​Monsters.

The cast of the series also includes Virginia Kull as Percy’s mother, Sally Jackson; Glynn Turman as the hero-training centaur Chiron; Megan Mullally as Percy’s math teacher, Mrs. Dodds, aka the Alec Fury who was sent by Hades; Jason Mantzoukas as a camp counselor, Mr. D alias the Greek god Dionysus; Tim Sharp as Percy’s stepfather, Gabe Ugliano; Charlie Bushnell as the son of Hermes, Luke e Dior Goodjohn as Ares’ daughter Clarissa.
Furthermore, from more recent news we also know that Lin-Manuel Miranda will play the messenger god Hermes, Adam Copeland (aka Edge) will star as Ares and the former star of The Flash Jessica Parker Kennedy will have a guest-starring role as Medusa. In the meantime, you can see the below first teaser trailer from Percy Jackson and the Olympians released by Disney + waiting to reveal the exit date.

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Percy Jackson: The Disney+ Series also enlists Jay Duplass and Timothy Omundson