Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ezra Pound from 15 to 20 November, at the PACTA Salone in Milan



The PACTA Salone pays tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ezra Pound with the intertwining of two shows in the New classic section from 15 to 20 November

The New Classic section, dedicated to the great masters, starts with TWO MYTHICAL OUTSIDERS from 15 to 20 November 2022: al PACTA Salon in Milan, the intertwining of two shows dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ezra Pound, two irregular, two unconventional.

PACTA. dei Teatri presents: PASOLINI – IN A FUTURE APRIL …a reading with Alessandro Pazzi on the poem 100 years after its birth and, 50 years after his death, with Annig Raimondi, the first ever from EZRA POUND – I CANTOS – Poetic performance in music.

Two irregular, two unconventional who share the choice to get involved in the first person without sparing themselves. That between Pasolini and Pound is not only the encounter between two revolutionary figures, although ideally antithetical, it is also the confrontation between two poets and between two men linked by a relationship of love and hate, of heavy intellectual inheritances, of conflict and contact.

Ezra Pound (1885-1972), American poet, essayist and translator, passed away 50 years ago. He was a very controversial but brilliant personality. One of the greatest authors of the period, Thomas Stearns Eliot, who dedicated his most famous work to him, approached modernism, The wastelandcult show by Annig Raimondi.

One hundred years ago a great Italian poet of the twentieth century was born: Pier Paolo Pasolini. Moravia called it “sacred”.


With Alessandro Pazzi, a private and public Pasolini is told through the sharpness of his poetry; shreds of life that emerge, sink and re-emerge.

“The strength of Pasolini’s poetry lies in the lucidity of the verse, in its profound and prophetic word. – explains Alessandro Pazzi – Pasolini had a pure, almost religious honesty in reading reality ”.

A listening reading, where the word stripped of everything arrives intense, strong and necessary.

On stage a typewriter, the one he used, with a blank sheet, which represents both the last unwritten poem, and the terrible void that his death has left. An actor gives body to the words while images and videos scroll on the screen created to multiply and accompany the word. The dramaturgy crosses the poems and themes dear to Pasolini: the sins of the fathers that fall on the children, the innocent purity of youth and sinful maturity, life as a poetic act, the relationship with the mother seen as a creature of beauty. Pier Paolo Pasolini (Bologna, 1922 – Rome 1975) was an Italian poet, writer, director, screenwriter, actor and playwright; considered among the greatest Italian intellectuals of the twentieth century. Culturally versatile, he distinguished himself in numerous fields, also making contributions as a painter, novelist, linguist, translator and essayist.

Attentive observer of the changes in Italian society from the second post-war period to the mid-seventies, as well as a controversial figure at times, he often aroused strong controversy and heated debates due to the radicality of his judgments, very critical towards bourgeois habits and the nascent consumer society , as well as towards the 1968 and its protagonists. His relationship with his own homosexuality was at the heart of his public persona.

Ezra Pound – I CANTOS – Poetic performance in music

The CANTOS want to be a compendium of history and contemporary civilization, a monologue-harangue composed of quotes, dialogues, narrations and songs against those evils, primarily Usura and Power, which distorted and upset the values ​​of the past. In I CANTOS Ezra Pound, inspired by the Divine Comedy, performs the rite of the twentieth-century descent into hell with a tribute to the great Greek and Latin classics. Starting from the Homeric Odyssey, Pound-Ulysses embarks on a solitary journey in the presence of supernatural manifestations related to contemporary characters. “The influence of oriental cultures – the director and actress Annig Raimondi explains – the love for Dante and Cavalcanti, the clear and direct language typical of imagism, the musicality of the verses: these are some of the aspects that make him a giant of poetry and which cannot be overshadowed by its political adhesions and errors, however indefensible. To work on a stage transposition of this immense poem ‘one can only take a part of it, or rather a layer, for the whole ‘, how suggests his daughter and translator Mary de Racheviltz. So I did. I imagine The Cantoslike the rush of a wave that drags towards a return to the Myth and to the Light, in a sort of dance and counter dance between word, body, sense and sound. The performance, starting with some of the former Cantos then move on to part of the Cantos Pisaniis organized according to a rhythmic score in order to compose a possible vision of the immense Process of Pound “.

Ezra Pound, born October 30, 1885 in America in Hailey, Idaho, traveled extensively around Europe. He spent a good part of his life in Italy, especially in Rapallo. He lectured at Bocconi in Milan in which he insisted on the economic nature of wars. In 1945 he was arrested by the FBI on charges of collaborating with fascism and imprisoned in the detention camp near Pisa. Repatriated to America and declared a traitor, the death penalty was requested for him. At the trial he was declared mentally ill and interned for 13 years at the St. Elizabeths “. Thomas Stearns Eliot, Ernest Hemingway and many others attempted to use their influence to free him. Throughout the world the editions of his ‘Cantos’ multiplied. In 1958, once freed, he took refuge with his daughter in Merano. On November 1, 1972, Ezra Pound died in his beloved Venice.

During all reruns, the video interview from the Rai Teche archives will be broadcast non-stop in the Foyer of the theater, PASOLINI MEETS EZRA POUND:

the filmed testimony of the meeting in Venice in the autumn of 1968 between Pier Paolo Pasolini, still young, and the American poet Ezra Pound. An event of historical significance, for the world of literature and poetry, but also in the life of the two intellectuals. On the one hand, Ezra Pound, now elderly and fatigued, apparently indifferent to the weight of life and the vicissitudes he went through, from the experience of detention in the criminal asylum of St. Elizabeths in Washington, from the accusations of treason against his own country, America , to support the fascist regime. On the other, Pasolini, writer and director who in those years was beginning to enjoy the fruits of a long-criticized work. The encounter between two revolutionary figures, although ideally antithetical, is also the confrontation between two poets and between two men tied by a double thread by a relationship of love and hate, of heavy intellectual inheritances, of conflict and contact.


From 15 to 20 November 2022

New Classic


  • 15, 17, 18, 20 November



Reading on the poetic work of Pier Paolo Pasolini 100 years after his birth

with Alessandro Pazzi

video project Lorenzo Vergani

PACTA co-production. dei Theaters / PONTOSteatro

Duration 60 ‘

– The reruns will be followed by some in-depth meetings with the protagonists and leading experts on the themes suggested by the shows: Tuesday 15 November, Pasolini and eros with Giuseppe Girgenti, philosopher, and on Friday 18 November, Mario Bianchi, theatrical critic, with a video testimony on Pasolini.

Ezra Pound

I CANTOS – Poetic performance in musicfirst ever

with Annig Raimondi and Samuele Gamba dancer

sensorial journey Fulvio Michelazzi (AILD)

original music Maurizio Pisati

costumes Nir Lagziel

assistant director Marianna Cossu

directed by Annig Raimondi

PACTA production. of Theaters

Duration 60 ‘

Two evenings will see the representation of both shows

with Combined ticket for both of 16 €:

Thursday 17 at 19.00 Pound_I CANTOS, followed by 20.00 Pasolini_IN A FUTURE APRIL
Sunday 20 at 17.30 Pasolini_IN A FUTURE APRIL, followed by 18.30 Pound_I CANTOS


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Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ezra Pound from 15 to 20 November, at the PACTA Salone in Milan