Play Fracture, the final event of Fortnite Chapter 3, on December 3

Don’t fall apart…

On Saturday, December 3, go into Fracture, the end of chapter 3 of Fortnite, an unexpected social event with supernatural dimensions. Whether with your squad or alone, the fate of the island depends on you.

How to play the Fortnite Fracture event

  • Fracture is a unique game event that begins on Saturday, December 3, 2022, at 10:00 p.m. CET. The Fracture queue will open 30 minutes early so you can join before the event starts. you can also join the event in progress until 22:40 CET!

  • Fracture admits groups of up to four players. If you are not in the event queue with a squad, you can emote on players during the event to form one.

  • Aren’t you going to be near a dedicated gaming device during the event? Now you can play Fortnite through the cloud streaming service in the browser of your PC or mobile device with Xbox Cloud Gaming Y NVIDIA GeForce NOW!

Content creators and players who want to relive the final moments of Fortnite Chapter 3 will need to record and preserve the experience they play as event replays will not be available.

A toast to Chapter 3: the Toasted Bites gesture

To commemorate the beginning of the end, players who log into Fortnite between December 2 at 15:00 CET and December 4 at 08:45 CET will receive the gesture toasted snack.

Fortnite Toasty Roast Emote

It tastes better a little churruscodo.

Things to finish before the end of chapter 3

With less than two weeks to go until the end of Chapter 3, here are a few things you might want to cross off your to-do list!

  • Complete the Chapter 3 – Season 4 Battle Pass– Make sure you’ve unlocked everything you want from this season’s Battle Pass, including:

    • All additional styles that can be unlocked in the battle pass tab section. For example, the Celestial, Spectral, and Gold styles for the Bytes, Lennox Rose, The Paradigm (reality-659), Meowsculose, and Spider-Gwen costumes.

    • Rewards unlocked through quests, including styles for The Gift of Nothing pickaxe, as well as the Harbinger outfit and accessories.

    • Any rewards you haven’t spent your Battle Stars on. At the end of the season, your unspent Battle Stars will unlock the first available Battle Pass rewards, so if you’re interested in something later, buy it with Battle Stars!

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass

  • Complete the level up mission pack: if you have chosen the Ayida level up mission pack This season, be sure to complete all of her missions to unlock matching items including Ayida’s outfit and an additional Ayida style. Since the level up mission packs are seasonal, the missions in this pack will expire on December 2, 2022.

Fortnite Ayida's Level Up Quest Pack

For players with Punkromated objectives, any account levels you’ve earned will not be reset, so you can pick up where you left off at the end of Chapter 3.

Avian Artery Week and Corner of Opportunities

On November 22 begins the Avian Artery Week! From November 22 to 29 at 15:00 CET, the loot chickens will multiply, so much so that they will take over all the fauna. Complete avian-themed missions to earn XP, as well as additional objectives that will give you level up tokens.

Fortnite Avian Ambush Week

After the Avian Artery Week, the Corner of opportunities week. From November 29 at 15:00 CET to December 3 at 21:00 CET, hefty discounts will be applied to character goods and services, so you get more for fewer bars. Just like Avian Artery Week, complete special missions to earn XP, plus additional objectives to earn level-up tokens.

Fortnite Bargain Bin Week

Enjoy your last days on the paradise island.

Play Fracture, the final event of Fortnite Chapter 3, on December 3