Prisma the review of the tv series on Prime Video, pass or fail?

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Prisma is the Prime Video series created by Ludovico Bessegato and Alice Urciolo of SKAM Italia

Prism is the tv series of Prime Video produced by CrossProductions and created by Alice Urciolo and Ludovico Bessegato (those of SKAM Italia). At the center of the eight episodes available from today 21 September 2022 in streaming, a story of formation, of growth, a teen drama built around what politicians and adults in general do not do: listen to the youngest. The series tells the story of Andrea and Marco (played by the newcomer and surprising Mattia Carrano) twins from Latina and their group of friends. Dreams, passions, interests and a reflection on the concept of gender and fluidity of a generation.

Not only, as it could easily be labeled, the story of a boy’s exploration of his own identity, but a choral and generational series. In this Prisma review, we will try to tell you what convinced us most and what less of this TV series, inviting you as always to try. To find out more about the series and the cast there is the card, to reread the statements of the protagonists there is the press conference.

Prisma the review

There is a world out of the boxes

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Prisma embodies the desire for freedom by Ludovico Bessegato and Alice Urciolo to get out of the constraints imposed by SKAM by creating something original. Prime Video’s desire for freedom to try to create an Italian original capable of leaving its mark. But above all the desire for freedom of a generation that does not want to have limits and escapes from all imposition. Guys who can decide to become actors without ever having done anything before like Mattia Carrano (surprising interpreter of Andrea and Marco). Boys who do not want to be identified with a gender, with a pre-established identity, with the absence of a leg like Chiara Bordi (Carola). A form of free thinking that is among the few positive values ​​brought by social networks. Something that we “poor” millennials (not to mention previous generations) cannot understand, grown up inside boxes that are legacies of the past.

Without forgetting, however, that in Italy, as elsewhere, not all boys and girls are so open and understanding. There are huge pockets of resistance even in the youngest ones. Following the line drawn by SKAM (of which it is the eldest cousin) these TV series tell emotions, sensations that have always existed but which were never represented, leaving children in the dark. As they teach us in the USA representation, finding oneself on the screenit helps to broaden our social life and to get out of the thoughts that assail us. But Prisma is not a political series or manifesto, it inserts fundamental themes in a light context in a series of training in which we laugh and are moved. And an Italian province that carries the signs of its fascist foundation does so in Latina. There is no shortage of defects between an abuse of slow motion scenes, an excessive absence of adults in the first part, but the positive feelings of a “spontaneous” series prevail, however much the fiction may be.
Rated 7.5 Riccardo Cristilli

An interconnected story that doesn’t set itself stakes and goes on in the most natural way possible

Prisma is an upgrade of Skam. As bad as the comparisons are because they highlight one part to diminish another, here we cannot exempt ourselves from doing so. The two creations of Ludovico Bessegato they probably have different goals and in some ways they are different, but just as similar. The strength of Prisma lies precisely in the writing and in the focus, unlike SKAM it is not confined to the psychology of one character per season, which, however thorough it may seem, is a way to close the series within very precise boundaries, with its seasonal theme to be rattled off becoming almost mechanical. Prisma is a true TV series, there is a group of protagonists, there are different stories and all these stories go on together.

This is the beauty of real seriality, and Prisma also benefits from a truer, more natural series, which tells the life of its protagonists in the most natural way possible, thanks also to a perfect cast. So yes, Prisma is a free series, in every sense, a true serial product, modern and made to last, like few in Italy. Rated 8.5 Davide Allegra

Delicate, sincere and with a perfect cast, but perhaps she could have dared more

Prisma is an interesting and in its own way delicate training series that tackles important and very current issues such as the coming of age and the exploration of sexuality, in its many forms. The story is simple and perfect for those who are passionate about teenage drama or for those who want to learn more about the nuanced world of GenZ. The inevitable comparison with SKAM Italia, from which however we want to disregard, instead leads to reflect on how fundamental it is to find the key to tell certain topics in an always different and original way, going to deepen more complex issues such as the relationship with adults – which some teen dramas lack altogether – the chase for social success (e) at any cost and the price to pay when trying not to conform to one’s peers.

Ludovico Bessegato is doing all this very well and also with Prisma the choral portrait of today’s adolescents is undoubtedly well represented, but perhaps he could have dared more. The series is smooth, the narration very contemporary, with excellent direction and a soundtrack (mostly trap) well done. The cast works – Mattia Carrano in particular is very good in interpreting the twins protagonists – and also the choice of setting the story in the province and not in the city is perfect.
Although still far from innovative series such as Euphoria, Prisma joins the Italian teen dramas to be seen equally to learn more about the boys and girls who will be the adults of tomorrow. Once again, a series that adults will surely appreciate more than children. Rating 6.5 – Giorgia Di Stefano

It is to be seen if …

… If you like TV series like SKAM (all too easy to say) and in general pure teen dramedies, with no crime or supernatural elements. Absolutely to be recovered Nudes.
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Prisma the review of the tv series on Prime Video, pass or fail?