Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest, at the start of the event that brings many news in streaming on Nightmare Legacy

Friday 11 November 2022 – mymoviesone

Starting today, November 11, until November 19 on Ravenna Nightmare Film Festthe event dedicated to horror and fantastic cinema that this year reaches its 20th edition.


Among the films of the International Feature Film Competition available online at Nightmare Legacythe festival’s on-demand platform available with MYmovies ONEare the space and time that regulate and condition the lives of the protagonists starting from the apartment in Trieste of The angel of the walls from Lorenzo Bianchinialready presented in the last edition of the Torino Film Festival in the section “Le Stanze di Rol”, where an elderly man hides in order not to be evicted but one day he has to deal with the arrival of a mother and a daughter who is about to losing sight.

Between the supernatural thriller and the fairy tale, it stars the famous French actor Pierre Richard. And it is always the space of a small town that turns into a nightmare Kerr by the Turkish filmmaker Tayfun Pirselimo? Lu where the local police do not allow the only witness to a murder who arrived there to attend the funeral of his father to leave.

The challenge to time (and to death) crosses instead They Carry DeathSpain-Colombia co-production signed by Helena Girón And Samuel M. Delgado, which crosses the stories of three men who in 1492 managed to escape their marked destiny by embarking in the retinue of Christopher Columbus and a woman who wants to take her sister to a healer to save her. The moon is instead in the center of Mother Nocturna from Daniele Campea who has an occult power over a wolf-studious woman who has returned home after a hospitalization who is unable to mend the relationship with her teenage daughter.

Among the available titles of the International Short Film Competition comes a stop-motion adaptation of Edgan Allan Poe’s short story “The Black Cat” from the new title The Black reCatanother literary adaptation Stairshistory of a man addicted to morphine who tries to tell the events that led him to this condition, and a dystopian fable still made in animation (this time 3D) that revolves around the themes of social alienation and conflict: the culmination of a dance between the King and Queen of the oxidized kingdom lets the wounds of their relationship emerge in Distance. Act 1: the Peacock and the Sphinx.

Then the boundaries between reality and dream are broken (the woman who moved from Sweden to the United States who is waiting for a green card in Evergreen) or it is the same dreamlike dimension of the protagonist that is managed by the censor and his employees so as not to let painful thoughts emerge from his subconscious but then something goes wrong in Censor of Dreams. Then there are missing children like the one in a wasteland with the mother who goes in search of her along with her hunting dogs and the crossbow in The Sleep of Dogs or the Mexican girl who, to escape the border police, gets lost in the woods and is chased by something sinister in Alienation. Also in this section, there is also a first date between two twenties where nothing goes as planned in Ferrarrie and the story of a boy who enters a neighbour’s house in search of food but in the meantime the owners re-enter Lost Kings.

In Showcase Emilia Romagnaa section dedicated to the promotion of film production in the area, the multimedia and experimental work of Edo Tagliavini (2020: Life and Death of a Virus) which retraces 2020 through a reassembly of different films selected after almost two years of research. Faithful of love it is instead the rewriting and reinvention for the cinema of Marco Martinelli’s scenic poem ‘around’ Dante with a structure in seven paintings where different voices speak.


Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest, at the start of the event that brings many news in streaming on Nightmare Legacy