Recommendations that marked us this 2022

The last days of the year inspire us to review the memorable moments that we lived, but also those movies, podcasts, series, video games and albums that they marked us. For this reason, we leave you this 2022 count carried out by those of us who do Animal MX.

Surely many of these titles you heard and even consumed them. But it is not necessary to review them and who knows? You could leave this note discovering a new little gem that you missed.

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Count 2022: 3 podcasts that accompanied us

Cursed Girls

Are you a fan of horror stories? Have you had any paranormal experience? Well, among the 2022 podcast recommendations we have to put Cursed Girls, created by Jannis and Maldo.

As it is, it is a space where the hostesses (sometimes with guests) are dedicated to sharing supernatural situations who lived, macabre dreams and even to give recommendations Related to the horror genre.

They currently have more than 90 episodes where you can listen to some dedicated to ghosts, places lost in time, apparitions, pacts with demons and more.

Exploder Song

It is a music podcast launched in July of this year. The first season has 8 episodes with 8 Latin artists different in each one.

The show is a spin-off in Spanish of the popular podcast and Netflix series Song Exploder, from Hrishikesh Hirway. In each episode, the artists delve into their creative processthe art of writing and the musical composition of one of his songs.

This first season has an eclectic selection of award-winning and high-level Latin music artists such as the seven-time winner of the 2022 Latin Grammys, Jorge Drexler; the chosen Best New Artist 2022, Silvana Estrada; the multiple nominee mon laferteand the band that together with Bad Bunny performs “Ojitos Lindos”, Stereo Bomb.

We leave you one of our favorite episodes that you can also listen to at the official page from the podcast:

story for dummies

Has your weak point always been history? Well, this 2022 made it clear to us that this topic can also be fun and interesting (like listening to the freshest gossip from your friend).

This is how History for Dummies looks for “the interesting point, real and tasty” of any historical subject.

Find out about the fall of the Roman Empire, why we put up a tree at Christmas, about radioactive milk in Mexico and more in the little more than 50 episodes it has.

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Count 2022: 3 albums that we do not stop listening to

withered by Silvana Estrada

Yes, this 2022 count is very Silvana Estrada because she was definitely one of the artists of the year. In fact, this record was also chosen in the list of the 100 best albums of 2022 for rolling stones.

And why all the fuss? Well, because the Mexican singer-songwriter demonstrates forcefully, not only her voice, but also his enormous lyrical capacity.

In withered it’s easy to share your pain and melancholy just by listening to a couple of songs.

Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers by Kendrick Lamar

Another of the great artists of 2022 was Kendrick Lamar, who released his fifth studio album and which, in turn, is a concept album that Analyze and reflect on your experiences during his journey life and therapy.

Obviously the lyrics and deep messages of each one are what fascinate us the most about this album.

But we can’t ignore the impressive collaborations which it has, since it has Ghostface Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan, Blxst, Summer Walker, Amanda Reifer, Samph, Baby Keem, Tanna Leone and even Beth Gibbons, the voice of the British trio Portishead

laurel hell from Mitsky

The Japanese-American singer released her sixth album and also this 2022 It was presented for the first time in Mexico during the Crown Capital.

In addition, this album is his great comeback after four years of listening and seriously considering retirement.

With sounds inspired by the 80s, Mitski gave us laurel hella disc about transformation, sadness, forgiveness and transcendence.

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Count 2022: 3 series that left us wanting more

heartsopper – Netflix

A boy meets another boy and doubts, fears, joys and love arise.

The story is based on the webtoons namesake created by the illustrator Alice Osman and it is one of the best series of teen gay love.

From the first episode you are hooked with the story and the characters without making any effort. And yes, that made us devour it in one sitting.

The best? We are already waiting for the second season! So if you haven’t seen it, you have time to catch up.

The Boys T3 –Prime Video

If yours is not corny, but blood and action, then this recommendation is for you. And it is that in his third season The Boysthe series of the most real superheroes, continues to amaze.

This series does not tempt the heart to demonstrate how dangerous it could be for people with superhuman abilities to exist and use them for their own benefit.

The story has already been renewed for a fourth season and has some spin-offs: 7 on 7, diabolical and work on Gen V.

House of the Dragon –HBO

Undoubtedly It was one of the most anticipated series of the year and the one that had us in front of the screen every Sunday.

This novel with dragons, romance, betrayals and a dangerous game of power was what we asked for and more, because exceeded all expectations.

Not only with the story of one of the most ruthless families, but also by putting us at a so talented cast who won our hearts even though they appeared in only half of the episodes.

The history of the Targaryen family has us more stung than ever and fortunately we already have news of the second season.

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Count 2022: 3 movies that moved us

Top Gun: Maverick

The first installment is somewhat boring, but this sequel is what most excited us in this 2022 count.

We saw the return of Tom Cruise as the famous Maverick aviator to lead an operation that seems impossible to pull off. But we know that for him, anything is possible.

It has some of the most impressive action scenes, great chemistry between characters and ESA scene with Val Kilmer…

Top Gun: Maverick It made us scream, laugh and cry.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Among the alternative movies of 2022, this absurd comedy full of drama, action and very deep concepts and ideas stands out.

Yes, friend. This was the true multiverse of 2022 madness.

The story follows Evelyn Wang, a Chinese immigrant in the United States, who finds herself involved in an interdimensional adventure that will also take her on an inner journey that makes her question emotions and decisions in her life.


It is sad that one of the films that marked us the most this 2022 was not released in movie theaters, but directly on streaming. Oh well…

The story follows Mei Lee, a 13-year-old teenager in Toronto who undergoes an outrageous transformation: she can turn into a red panda when her emotions are altered.

The whole story is a metaphor for how complex it is to live life. menstruationthe adolescencefinding your own identity and even carrying the family expectations.

Oh…and Mei isn’t the only character who steals our hearts. Miriam, Priya and Abby are characters!

Count 2022: 3 video games with which we ventured

Elden Ring

Our favorite video game of the year consisted of a trip to the Middle Lands where we faced knights, warlocks, dragons, wraiths, gods and demigods.

The great game mechanics, its multiplayer mode and the incredible story (in which George R.R. Martin participatedcreator of the books that inspired game of Thrones) made this game an adventure that was unmatched (although also difficult, really).

Yes, it has been criticized a lot for its accessibility. But the truth is that in his sub-genre called soulslike (action games known to be very difficult) this is one of the most accessible titles.

It even allows you to progress at your own pace or skip sections; yes, always inviting you to explore on your own and discover the world and its secrets.

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God of War Ragnarok

In this 2022 count of video games, yes or if this title had to be.

In it we continue the story of kratos and we get to see a lot more of his character development, as well as super polished gameplay and wonderful narrative.

He won everything at the awards of this 2022 and there are those who consider he should have won the Game of the Year award (he won it Elden Ring).

Among its awards it took those of Best Narrative, Best Music, Best Audio Design, Best Acting, Innovation in Accessibility and Best Action Game.

Vampire Survivors

This year this little gem with a very simple premise, but which gives a lot of fun, also came into our lives.

the joke is survive waves of monsters They come in droves. As you level up, you also unlock characters and abilities.

We repeat that it seems simple, because at some point it feels like you are bursting bubble wrap, but that also makes it relaxing.

We emphasize that it has a lot of surprises and tributes to gaming and what is available everywhere: consoles, computer and even cell phone.

In this gallery we leave you other of the great games of this 2022:

And for you, what were those titles that defined your year?

Recommendations that marked us this 2022