Release Date, Trailer, Cast, And Everything We Know So Far

The platform is a supernatural thriller series set on a remote oil rig 150 miles into the ocean off the coast of Scotland. Shortly before the crew leaves for the mainland, a mysterious fog sets in, cutting off all contact with the outside world. As the crew tries to figure out what’s going on, they realize the man-made fog isn’t the only problem they’re dealing with. Somewhere, deep in the sea, something dangerous is awakening.

Keep reading to find out everything we know so far about The platform.

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What is the platform?

The platform centers on a crew of people aboard an oil drilling station deep in the oceans surrounding Scotland. The crew is led by Magnus MacMillan, the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) – this title is held by the most senior member on board an offshore platform. Newcomer Rose Mason, a scientist and oil company representative, also oversees the staff. The platform begins with a handful of crew members preparing to depart for the mainland, but trouble soon begins to crop up with increasingly alarming intensity. At first, the incidents don’t seem too out of the ordinary; a suddenly low power supply causes unpredictable blackouts throughout the rig, with “jolts” appearing to originate from below the following structure soon after. But all of this can be explained, can’t it? The crew is drilling for oil, so of course turbulence from the ground below is to be expected. However, when a thick, mysterious fog begins to roll towards them, the team begins to realize that something supernatural is at play – and regardless, it demands their attention.

Is there a trailer for The Rig?

Prime Video released a trailer for The platform on their official YouTube channel on November 30, 2022. The trailer begins with Chief Magnus telling the disgruntled crew members that they will not be leaving for the mainland as planned and that they should keep working until they can do it. We also witness the appearance of supernatural occurrences aboard the rig: flickering lights, power outages in the team’s accommodation block, and tremors from deep within the earth. Initially, the crew believe these incidents may be explained by the oil drilling work taking place on the rig, but it’s not long before they spot an ominous fog crossing the ocean towards them. . As the fog engulfs them, the group begins to realize that what is happening to them is something out of the ordinary. Watching the trailer, it’s clear that Magnus and Rose will be key players in getting to the bottom of everything that’s going on. Rose is seen noticing that since the fog cleared, the crew members began to experience psychological difficulties. As the crew goes into a frenzy of panic and begins to fight each other, Rose delves deeper into her research and pieces together that “something old” is awakening. The action-packed trailer ends on a biting cliffhanger when Rose, seemingly communicating with something off-screen, says “we’re listening now.”

Who is part of the cast of The Rig?

Emily Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek) plays Rose Mason, a scientist and oil company representative who discovers the rig. Jean Glenn (resident Evil) plays team leader and OIM Magnus MacMillan. Joining them in various roles as crew members aboard the platform are Course of action co stars Martin Compton like Fulmer Hamilton, Mark Bonnar like Alwyn Evans, and Rocheda Sandal like Cat Braithwaite. are also in the cast Owen Teale (game of thrones) like Lars Hutton and Stuart McQuarrie (Trainspotting) as Colin Murchison. The full cast list also includes Richard Pepple like Grant Dunlin, Calvin Demba like Baz Roberts, Emun Elliott like Leck Longman, Abraham Popola like Easter Ayodeji, Molly Vevers like Heather Shaw, and Dougie Rankin like William Johnson.

When and where can you watch The Rig?

film for The platform began in March 2021 and ended in August 2021. Interestingly, this production is the first Prime Video original filmed entirely in Scotland. Because of this, the cast and crew celebrated with a world premiere of the pilot held at the Everyman Cinema in Leith, Scotland in December 2022. The platform will be available to wider audiences when it releases worldwide on Prime Video on January 6, 2023. All six episodes are expected to be available to binge on release day.

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Who are the creators of The Rig?

David MacPherson established The platform, apparently after hearing stories from his father about his time in the oil and gas industry. In addition to creating and producing the series, Macpherson wrote four of the six episodes. The platform is Macpherson’s first screen production. Other writers in the series include Matthew Jacobs Morgan (Hollyoaks) and Meg Salter (London Gangs). The first half of the series is directed by John Strickland (Course of action) and the last half by Alex Holmes (The letter for the king). The series is produced by Macpherson, Strickland, Matte brown, Alan’s Church, Suzanne Reid, Derek Waxand Samantha Winterwith music from the series by White Mass and cinematographic John Lee.

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