Reservation Dogs, The Rig, Madoff… What are the week’s streaming releases worth?

Are you looking for ideas for series, films or documentaries to discover or catch up on streaming? Here is our selection of the week.


Reservation Dogs – Season 2

As the heroes, a band of young Native Americans, finally had to leave their Oklohama reservation to join the California of their dreams, a tornado came to shake up their plans at the end of the first season. Elora is the only one who finally left, but with Jackie, another teenager from the reservation with whom the group never got along. Between unforeseen events and strange encounters, their journey will not be easy. Willie Jack stayed put with the others. Since she had asked a wizard to curse Jackie, she is convinced that she is the victim of a backlash of karma. With the help of Cheese, she will do everything to undo this spell. Finally, Bear, disgusted by Elora’s departure, is resigned and will try to find a job to integrate into the reserve community. With this season 2, Reservation Dogs continues to be one of the most atypical works of the moment. While continuing to share with the public the culture and traditions of Native Americans today, far from all the clichés, the stories tackle the themes of beliefs, separation, inequalities, the importance of community , seniors and the difficulty of losing them. Although sometimes very serious, the episodes do not neglect the comedy and remain centered on the evolution of the quartet. A fantastic comedy-drama unique in its genre and full of authenticity.


The Rig

The employees of a British oil rig in the North Sea are waiting with the helicopter which is to take over and bring the others back to the mainland. But another network platform went down. The helicopter is requisitioned, we will have to wait. Shortly after, a thick, quite extraordinary white fog enveloped the station and cut off all communications. Tempers are heating up, stress is increasing, theories are going well… Workers and their bosses must therefore maintain confidence in their company, which should come and pick them up at one time or another, while other phenomena increasingly stranger ones follow one another. Miniseries in 6 episodes, The Rig plays on several levels – interprofessional relations with behind closed doors (rather spacious but behind closed doors nonetheless) the psychological thriller – and also has an eye on the side of disaster film and ecological fable. Here the bad role is rather given to the oil companies and their executives than to the dedicated personnel who risk their lives to supply the rest of the world. If the characters are sometimes caricatural, the beginning is promising, even if it is difficult to have a definite opinion on such a short series without seeing the end (we only received half). In any case, the first episodes suggest that the story should switch to the supernatural…

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The Amateurs – Season 2

After the misadventures of season 1, Vincent (Vincent Dedienne) and Alban (François Damiens) live far from France, protected by the secret services. Learning bad news, they will want to find their loved ones and will get bogged down in lots of situations that are beyond them.


The Pale Blue Eye

1830, an army cadet is found dead hanged without his heart. A dismal affair that pushes the eccentric Augustus Landor (Christian Bale) out of retirement, helped by a young Edgar Allan Poe… A historical investigation with a successful atmosphere and a good cast, but a funny ending…


Madoff: The Financial Monster

How Bernard Madoff, respected finance magnate, managed to extort 64 billion dollars, ruining the lives of lots of people at the same time? Could such a thing happen again? A fast-paced documentary, full of new content on one of the scams of the century.


Reservation Dogs, The Rig, Madoff… What are the week’s streaming releases worth?