Review OxenFree: Netflix Edition for Android

Oxenfree great narrative adventure, with some pacing issues. We tell you everything about this Netflix title that we tested on our Moto Edge 30!

Oxenfree It is another of Netflix’s bets in the video game market. This visual novel of Night School Studio (creators of afterparty) is not inherently a game mobile, because it is available on many platforms. But, the phone is perhaps one of the most interesting platforms to play it on.

And because? because basically we are facing a narrative adventure that could well be the interactive audiovisual equivalent to a light book. Being available for free and on mobile makes it an accessible and interesting way to prepare for a good night’s sleep…

…or it would be if the plot wasn’t revealing more disturbing events to us minute by minute. It’s not the kind of game that will surprise you with a jump scare out of nowhere or relying on grotesque visual devices to generate an effect. But yes, the dialogues between characters and the scenarios will give you a constant uncomfortable feeling that something is terribly wrong. And that’s because something is actually GOING terribly wrong.

In Oxenfree we control Alexa young woman who arrives on an island with her new stepbrother and his friend. The boys’ plan is to have a party, but, as is often the case in horror stories,r -and in most of the Geek Culture editorial parties-, by accident they will open a spectral pit. Needless to say, it all ends pretty badly for them that night and now they find themselves involved in a much bigger problem.

Simple, nice and dark… but a little uncomfortable

In terms of gameplay, it follows the steps of any visual novel: the mechanics will have to do with “point & click” and dialogue with our characters. Depending on the empathy you have with each one, the course of history will change so that you find yourself with one or another outcome.

But on many occasions you will not be able to know which decision is “good” or “bad” because, as in life itself, sometimes we will not be able to get out of a situation without complicating things with someone. The incorporation of the radio as a key element to contact supernatural phenomena -a somewhat silenthillesque resource- makes the experience a little deeper.

But while the narrative is interesting, Oxenfree It has two big weak points. The first is that the controls on the phone are not too organic and comfortable to play. Without gaming gear For mobile – which most mobile gamers don’t have – it can seem like a bit of a cumbersome experience. The other problem is the ‘pacing’ or the rhythm of the events. Many times you will feel that things slow down unnecessarily.

In contrast, the gameplay experience lasts 4 or 5 hours in a first run -which is relatively little-. To know the whole story you will have to play one or two more times making different decisions each time.

How does it feel on the Moto Edge 30?

The Moto Edge 30 with your processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ 5G built with 6nm technology, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, it is a much more powerful tool than is necessary to run this game. The 6.5-inch screen with OLED technology, HDR10 + and a refresh rate of 144Hz, will allow you to enjoy the greenish pastel colors and the oppressive atmosphere of this game. And its 4020 mAh battery. will prevent you from having to interrupt your game session to load it. If by chance you ran out of battery, the TurboPower 30 charger in just a few minutes, will solve the problem.


Oxenfree It is undoubtedly one of the best mobile gaming narrative experiences that you can find at your fingertips and for free. The story is very well narrated, it is interesting and captivating. The rhythm can drop at times, but it is without a doubt a “yes or yes” for those who want to take the experience of playing with the phone to a completely different terrain than Candy Crush and porridge.

RELEASE DATE September 22, 2022
SPECTRUM High average

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