Rose McIver (‘Ghosts’): “It seems that my destiny is supernatural characters”

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After becoming a television phenomenon in the United States, Last Monday, April 25, he arrived at the chain T.N.T. in Spain the series ghostsa fun comedy created by Joe Port Yjoe wiseman Y starring Rose McIver (iZombie) Y Utkarsh Ambudkar (Free Guy).

In it, a young couple decides to fulfill their dreams and move, leaving their apartment in the big city to live in a beautiful house in the country, far from the noise and stress of the big city. What they don’t know is that the house is already occupied, and when they arrive they will find a group of ghosts.

On the occasion of the arrival of the series in our country, SERIES & MÁS spoke with the leading actress of the serieswho told us some amusing anecdotes about his career in television series and how he experienced the filming of the series and the success it has achieved.

After the zombies, the ghosts arrive

A version of the original British format that began airing on the BBC in 2019 (available on Movistar+), the American series of the same name follows in the footsteps of Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), who seek a quieter life in a recently inherited house. and in which a nice group of ghosts also lives, all of them from different periods of the history of the United States.

The young couple wants to open a hotel, but the ghosts won’t make it easy for them and start to persecute them. One day Sam he hits himself on the head, living a near-death experience and falling into a relatively short-lived coma. Waking up, she realizes that he/she can now see, hear, and talk to the spirits in her house.

After starring iZombie (available on Netflix), Rose McIver returns to the world of the unliving in ghostsand laughs when he realizes that he has come to interact much more with this type of characters than with people of flesh and blood. “I’ve done a series about zombies and a series about ghosts, so I think the next thing in the future will be to become a vampire,” jokes the actress, adding that “It seems her destiny is supernatural characters and she loves working with otherworldly concepts.”

Even so, McIver acknowledged that “this can generate other sensations in the world of fiction that people do not expect” and added that she enjoys it a lot and that she tries to “play that role with her feet on the ground”, since she does not he tends to be too interested behind the scenes about paranormal events or the supernatural.

A UK to US hit

Rose McIver in one of the ‘Ghosts’ episodes.


One of the topics discussed in the conversation with the actress was the success she has achieved ghosts in the United States since it premiered at the end of 2021. For the leading actress, the secret of success lies in a “brilliant premise” and that just as it worked on the BBC, it also knew how to do its job well with the American audience. “I think it was already a very successful ingredient from the start, but the combination of Joe Port and Joe Weisman did the rest,” said Rose McIver. “Their scripts added to a great cast of actors were able to generate magical chemistry, and the audience knew how to respond”.

When it comes to putting himself in Sam’s shoes, McIver also said that he came to see the British series and that he is a big fan. However, she also confessed that she did not want to fixate too much on the previous product, as she felt that if she did, she would “end up mimicking it or doing a cover”. Although for her “it will be a pleasure to pick it up again when the American version is finally finished”, which she hopes will be in a long time.

A comedy that finds balance with emotion

One of the episodes of'Ghosts' that Rose McIver enjoyed filming the most.

One of the episodes of ‘Ghosts’ that Rose McIver enjoyed filming the most.


ghosts It is a very funny series, but it is also capable of taking its time to move its audience and show the feelings of its characters. This topic was also mentioned in her conversation with the actress, who compared the most sensitive or least comical moments with life itself. “Emotions are present in everything you do, and that can end up overflowing in the form of tears, or also as laughter or hysteria”, explained Rose McIver, adding that “drama and comedy go hand in hand, and in a series that talks about death, regret and reflection on the afterlife there must be both.” For the actress “it’s like when music combines bass and treble. One of the two carries the weight and just as there are melodic parts, there are also high parts that are just as enjoyable.”

When asked to remember one of the moments he enjoyed the most in the series, McIver anticipated one of the scenes included in a chapter that has not yet been released in Spain: the prom. “In that episode, Sam reflects on her past in high school,” she teased, “and reveals a lot about who she was and her desire to fit in and be liked.” Through this sequence, the actress realized that she “had to care about her character” and that was when she felt especially interested in playing him.

The series comes to our country through TNT

After the phenomenon that has arisen from the series in the United States, ghosts lands in Spain thanks to TNT, the channel that will broadcast two episodes of the first season every week, every Monday at 10:55 p.m.

Rose McIver anticipated that the series will also know how to find a place among Spanish viewers, because for her, it is something that has to do with good stories. “Anyone anywhere knows what it feels like to have a group of people who think differently around you” and believes that, just like it came to her, who was born in New Zealand and is not American, “it can be a story that translates around the world and outside the United States”.

The ‘Ghosts’ episodes will air weekly and every Monday at 10:55 p.m. on TNT.

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Rose McIver (‘Ghosts’): “It seems that my destiny is supernatural characters”