Sarah Michelle Gellar immediately loved the script of “Wolf Pack” for these reasons

Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed what he conquered her of Wolf Packprompting her to change her mind and join the cast!

The 45-year-old star explained that she wanted to turn down a part in the series because: “They had already introduced me to one, two, two thousand of this type of show. At first I wasn’t going to say yes [a Wolf Pack]“.

But when he got the script in hand and talked to the writer and producer Jeff Daviswho is also the one who created Teen Wolffound that no, Wolf Pack it is not like the other two thousand previous proposals.

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When I read the script, for the first time my interest was really piqued. One of the coolest things about Buffy was the metaphorical aspect that was in it. Those real monsters were a metaphor for all the horrors of high school, in my opinion. Here’s what made that show so important and why it stands the test of time“.

So when I read the Wolf Pack script and talked to Jeff, we had a conversation the main issues that he wants to face: above all anxiety and depression among boys and girls, especially with regard to the use of electronic devices and the lack of connections. It’s something I think about all the time and it is so important“.

The actress added another reason: “At the same time, I love shows that stand outwhich are a bit controversial. I want to be on a show that everyone is talking about“.

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The arrival of Wolf Pack was confirmed last July at Comic Con of San Diego, where Sarah Michelle Gellar took the surprise stage with Jeff Davis and to the actors Tyler Posey And Tyler Hoechlinwho presented the film Teen Wolf: The Movie. Both will air on the streaming service soon Paramount +.

The star also has the role of producer of the series along with Jeff Davis who wrote the script based on the books written by Edo Van Belkom.

Wolf Pack follows the story of a boy (Armani Jackson in the role of Everett) and a girl (Beautiful Shepard in the role of Blake), whose lives change forever when a California fire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature.

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as the arson investigator Kristin Ramseya highly regarded expert in her field and no stranger to personal loss, hired by the authorities to capture the arsonist who started a massive fire that could also have led to the awakening of a supernatural predator terrorizing Los Angeles.

We can’t wait to enjoy it!

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