Scott McCall looks fiercer than ever

Teen Wolf: The Movie may sound like a nostalgic feast for fans of the werewolf supernatural drama, but it’s clear audiences will witness a new side to their favorite characters. When the TV show ended in 2017, the main cast were still very much in their teens – albeit verging on the older side. Now fans of the series should take a new spin with the story picking up 15 years later. Where the series previously explored lead hero Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) werewolf transition, he is now ready to explore his life metamorphosis instead.

New images feature a first look at the cast of heroes in their signature roles. Two images shared by Paramount+ show Scott a noticeable howl from his baby-faced predecessor. The first image shows a Scott in his thirties looking somewhat terrifying as he roars skyward with his red eyes and werewolf fangs prominently displayed. The red eyes are a sure sign that Scott is still a true alpha male, as he was at the end of the series. In another photo, Scott looks much more distinguished as he shows off a strong jawline while staring straight ahead with a steely expression. A notable aspect of the image is the bags that lie under his eyes, alluding to the emotional turmoil he has faced in the years that have passed.

The images go hand-in-hand with comments Posey recently made about the character, hinting that he got “lost” after stepping away from his hero role. “The first time we’ve seen Scott is the first time we’ve seen him do things like a normal person, since the pilot,” Posey told New York Comic Con. The actor went on to explain that Scott struggled to find his identity and missed his familiar support network. “So we see Scott as kind of a troubled, depressed adult, kind of facing loneliness for the first time and it’s really special, powerful and impactful,” he explained. “I think a lot of us can relate because the last time the show came out everyone grew up with it and now we’re all legitimately adults.”

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Other images also feature a return of former wolf protoje Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry) with a full beard, looking noticeably more comfortable in and out of his werewolf skin. Lydia Martin (Holland Rode) is also seen showing off her curious expression and red hair, but there’s no reference to her powerful banshee persona in the first look, which could suggest she tried to suppress that part of herself. over the years. Two more cast portraits highlight a return for colton haynes like Jackson Whittemore and Ian Bohen like the illusory Peter Hale.

One character we know is set to make a return but hasn’t had a shared portrait is wolf hunter Allison Argent (crystal reed). Details of Allison’s return have been withheld very secret – minus a teaser that saw her shoot arrows at Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) head. This is likely because fans will remember mourning Allison’s death earlier in the series, so her return still holds several question marks.

Teen Wolf: The Movie lands on Paramount+ on January 26, 2023. You can check out Scott’s images and watch a clip of Allison’s return below:

Scott McCall looks fiercer than ever – MMA Fighting