Show “Legends of the land of Arezzo”

The miracle of San Donato, Spinello and the Devil, the humped column, the Pianto Magno, the flames of the Castle of Montauto (Anghiari), the well of San Giliberto (Monsigliolo) and the wild man of Monterchi: these are all stories and legends concerning the city of Arezzo and its province. They will be the protagonists of the show “Legends of the land of Arezzo” which will be held on Saturday 3 September at 9.30 pm at the Spazio Seme headquarters with Francesco Botti and Marna Fumarola.

The event is part of the “Word camp” residential creative writing workshop, which is taking place from 2 to 4 September, but is open to everyone, especially to all the inhabitants of Arezzo and its province who are curious to attend a show. of music and words on some of the most beautiful stories and legends of their land.

Short narratives on mysterious facts, supernatural interventions, exceptional heroisms, “incredible events to which a community binds a meaning, a cult, a memory” (The legends of the Tuscan land, Carlo Lapucci). The show brings to the stage part of the work done during the workshop, when investigating the legend, its origin and function, its proximity to artistic creativity, prophecy and myth.

Francesco Botti is an actor, writer, director, co-founder of Spazio Seme. He conducts courses and workshops using theater as an expressive research through the use of the body and hiring useful tools for conscious communication. Francesco Botti has conducted training courses on communication in public and private contexts. He takes care of Spazio Seme’s “yard of stories” on creative writing, which was attended by Laura Bosio, Marco Vichi, Divier Nelli, Caterina Casini, Giada Trebeschi, Fernando Muraca and others.

Marna Fumarola is a violinist and part of “The Quartetto Euphoria”, an eclectic formation that was formed in 1999 on the thrust of the Osiris Band with whom she played in the tour that celebrated the first 20 years of activity of the comedy-musical theater company. The quartet has been the guest of many radio broadcasts, for the Swiss Radio Television it has recorded the soundtrack of a script by the Scuola Holden of Turin; you participated in the talk-show “Parla con me” by Serena Dandini on RAI 3 and at the Cannes Film Festival for the Film Commission Torino Piemonte. You played at the 2005 Tenco Prize; as part of the Turin Winter Olympic Games and the 2006 Paralympics, The Quartetto Euphoria was chosen as a musical group for the reception of the numerous sports delegations. Finally, he collaborates with internationally renowned artists including Stefano Bollani, the duo Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti, Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio, Ron, Max Gazzè.

The show “Legends of the land of Arezzo” takes place at the Spazio Seme headquarters in Via del Pantano in Arezzo. Admission 10 euros, free up to 12 years, reduced to 8 euros for Spazio Seme Card holders.

Show “Legends of the land of Arezzo”