Six series to have a laugh with friends

Meeting up to see a fashion series has become a fairly common plan lately, as well as commenting in real time on WhatsApp highlights of a plot if everyone is watching it at home. To have a laugh these days with your friends, we recommend six comedies that you will undoubtedly want to talk about.

The White Lotus (Hbo MAx)

Actor Theo James in The White Lotus.

The first season of this delirious six-episode black comedy left no one indifferent and the second (seven episodes) is on the same path. Both satirically capture the vacations of several guests with a lot of money in a luxury hotel (first in Hawaii and then in Sicily), where the most unexpected things happen. Despite dealing with idyllic places and supposedly almost perfect characters, the reality of their miseries haunts each of the protagonists.

Regarding the cast, which included names like Alexandra Daddario, Sidney Sweeney or Jake Lacy in the first installment, it only repeats Jennifer Coolidge in the second season, in the character of the eccentric and apparently little sane Tanya McQuoid. She accompanies her, among others, Theo James (Divergent), in the role of the charming Cameron, whose statuesque body will lend itself to more than one comment in the occasional scene.

Wednesday (Netflix)

It is being the series this Christmas, which everyone is talking about. And it is that the American production of eight episodes directed by Tim Burton does not disappoint. The first season follows Wednesday Addams, the creepy daughter of the peculiar Addams Family, in his student days at Nevermore Academy, where he tries to master his supernatural powers while meeting new people with whom he has to learn to relate. As he adjusts to his new and normal world, he has to solve a series of mysteries, including the one related to his parents Morticia and Gomez Addams 30 years ago.

The performance of the protagonist Jenna Ortega It is impeccable and the mystery of the plot, no matter how focused on teenagers it is, also hooks the adult viewer. Ortega is accompanied in the cast by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwendoline Christie and Christina Ricci herself.

Fleebag (Amazon Prime Video)

Emmys, Golden Globes, Critics Choice Awards… The story of a shameless and promiscuous thirty-something Londoner who goes through a life crisis after losing her best friend was one of the television phenomena a couple of years ago. Starring Phoebe Waller Bridge, the British series, told as a monologue, shows the maverick, politically incorrect and immature attitude of this girl who refuses to lead an independent life, giving rise to awkward and hilarious moments at the same time. The series has two seasons of six episodes each.

The woman across the street from the girl in the window (Netflix)

The wonderful Kristen Bell stars in this eight-episode series with an absurdly long name (and that almost no one can remember or say at once). Anna is a young woman who is going through a difficult time sentimentally, so she drowns her sorrows in wine, lots of wine, and anxiety pills. One day, a very nice-looking neighbor moves in across the street, and Anna starts spying on him. The monotony of her days ends when she witnesses a crime, but no one seems to believe her. What’s more, everyone labels her crazy because of her addictions, her hallucinations and her paralyzing fear of rain. In her mission to find the truth, there are some very funny scenes in this series that parodies psychological thrillers and mystery movies.

The Good Place (Netflix)

Again Kristen Bell stars in this series created by michael schur that reflects on life and death. The 30-minute long episodes tell the story of Eleanor, a young woman not very legal who is accidentally hit by a truck carrying erectile dysfunction products. By mistake, she enters paradise, a place she doesn’t deserve to go to because of her inappropriate behavior in her previous life. there in the good place (The Good Place), is received by Michael (Ted Danson) and will try to go unnoticed so that no one notices the mistake.

Garcia (HBO Max)

It has been placed as one of the best Spanish productions of the year. Directed by Eugenio Mira, this action-mystery comedy based on the comics by Santiago García and Luis Bustos is a political satire set in a hypothetical present-day Spain, in a divided country on the brink of political chaos. The plot, from the outset, attracts a lot of attention: Antonia, a young journalist, meets a cryogenic superagent, Garcia, Created in a laboratory in the 1950s by the secret services of General Franco, who has just woken up after six decades frozen. Disoriented and confused in a Spain that he finds completely changed, he finds himself involved with Antonia in a political conspiracy that threatens to end democracy in favor of a brutal new dictatorship.

Veki Velilla and Francisco Ortiz They star in this series that becomes quite funny when they mix the constant amazement at the new world of the super agent after having been hibernated for almost half a century, some very bad villains, a hit man, scenes a la James Bond and the high level of political satire. There are those who the six episodes of the first (and so far only) season have fallen short.

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Six series to have a laugh with friends