Sky Rojo with Lali and the Netflix premieres in January that you can’t miss

To download and watch while you travel, to plan a sleepover or a date, movies and series are never too much. In January, Netflix not only brings the third season of Sky Rojo with Lali Espósito, Verónica Sánchez and Yany Prado as protagonists.

from a new non-linear streaming proposal and a series documentary about wall street up to two narratives about adolescence in the 90s in USA and in Naples. And a special for the fans of Strangers Things who miss the paranormal teens.

Kaleidoscope – January 1

Kaleidoscope, (formerly titled jigsaw) is a new anthology series that spans 25 years and tells the story of a gang of accomplished thieves who set out to open a supposedly impregnable vault to get the biggest loot in history. The chamber is guarded by the most powerful corporate security team in the world, and the FBI is hot on their heels. Each episode of the series reveals a piece of an intricate puzzle of corruption, greed, revenge, machination, loyalties and betrayals.

The particularity of this series already released on the streaming platform is that Netflix users will be able to decide which chapter to start with and continue since it is not necessary to see them in an orderly and linear way.

In the end everyone will see the same color-named chapters, but in a different order, until they reach “White”, the final epic story. each one will have a unique experience when mixing the colors of the kaleidoscope.

MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street – January 4

‘MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street’ uncovers the truth about Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, for which he swindled $64 billion. It was the largest such fraud in history and destroyed the lives of countless independent investors who trusted the reputed Wall Street statesman.

Is documentary series In four parts, it features exclusive access to whistleblowers, employees, investigators, and victims, as well as never-before-seen video statements from Madoff himself, recounting his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a stockbroker. most powerful on Wall Street.

The lying life of adults – January 4

The lying life of adults is a powerful and singular portrait of Giovanna’s transition from childhood to adolescence in the 1990s. His search for a new face, behind the happy face of childhood, oscillates between two Naples blood relatives who, however, fear and hate each other: the Naples above, which wears a beautiful mask, and the one below, which wants to be excessive and trivial.

Giovanna is torn between the two, now falling, now climbing, puzzled by the fact that, whether up or down, the city seems to have no answers or exit. But the protagonist will not be alone on this path of self-discovery, in which she will have the company of her bold aunt, Vittoria.

Red Sky Season 3 – January 13

The Argentine actress and singer Lali Espósito returns to give life to Wendya prostituted woman who manages to escape from the brothel along with two other companions, Coral and Gina. But escaping from the prostituting system is not so easy And the money they stole from Romeo, her pimp, doesn’t fix everything.

They know too much and their followers have not stopped persecuting them for three seasons to exploit them again and prevent them from enjoying a life without sexual violence. The trailer seems to clarify that it is the true ending in which they must choose: is it them or us.

Those wonderful 90 (That’s 90 show) – January 19

The continuation of the well-known sitcom “That’s 70’s show” comes to Netflix with its original protagonists as fathers and mothersplaying secondary characters in this new story that focuses on the adolescence of their daughters and sons.

Red and Kitty Forman they reopen the doors of their basement, but this time for their granddaughter’s friends Leia, the daughter of Eric and Donna. Appealing to the nostalgia of the fans of That’s 70 show and those who were teenagers in the 90s, the series promises to excite and entertain in equal parts.

Lockwood Agency – January 27

In a world plagued by ghosts, there are gigantic corporations that pay teenagers with psychic powers to combat supernatural threats. There is only one company that operates without adult supervision: the Lockwood Agency, staffed by Anthony Lockwood, a rebellious young entrepreneur overwhelmed by an enigmatic past; his cool but eccentric companion George; and the most recent addition, Lucya girl endowed with extraordinary powers.

For the fans of stranger things Waiting for the fifth and final season, three favorites intersect again: teenagers, saving the world and paranormal activity.

Sky Rojo with Lali and the Netflix premieres in January that you can’t miss