Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown Was Criticized After Supporting You’s Joe Goldberg

Stranger Things featured Millie Bobby Brown when it aired its first season in 2016. The series became one of Netflix’s hits, leading the actress to fame since her teens. But, she once came under fire for publicly endorsing Joe Goldberg, the serial killer from the psychological drama, You.

stranger things is the number one hit of the streaming platform Netflix. The fictional and suspenseful drama premiered in mid-2016 and last May it appeared on the screen with the fourth season after two years of absence. His most recent stories, made the series is occupying the first place as the program with the highest number of views worldwide.

Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things, was criticized after supporting the character Joe Goldberg from You, when she was 14 years old

The drama that is starring Millie Bobby Brown since her teens, she follows her character known as Eleven, a girl with supernatural powers who serves as a test item in the scientific laboratory located in the fictional small town called Hawkins. A place where the government conducts experiments, while the characters end up creating a portal that leads to ‘the other side’, and whose influence begins to cause chaos for the inhabitants of the place.

Currently, the Stranger Things writing team is preparing the scripts for the fifth and final season of the Netflix series, while the cast will arrive on the film set next year to shoot the scenes for the closing episodes. the stories, confirmed Millie Bobby Brown recently.

The hit series introduced Millie Bobby Brown with the premiere of Stranger Things in 2016. When she was barely a teenager, the actress became quite the celebrity thanks to her role on the show and throughout this time, she has been in the spotlight. of the fans. Above all, at the hasty moment when he wrongly endorsed serial killer Joe Goldberg, the sinister character of Penn Badgley in the psychological drama of netflix, you.

That happened in 2019, a few days after the debut of the You series. At that time, Millie Bobby Brown, who was 14 years old, initially she came across as a strong supporter of serial killer Joe Goldberg while being drawn to his romantic side, when I was just starting to watch the series. The actress posted on one of her Instagram stories, saying there was nothing creepy about Penn Badgley’s character.

“So I just started that new series You… He’s not creepy, he’s in love with her and that’s okay… By the way, I know everyone is going ‘Ahhh, he’s a stalker, why? do you support that?!’ But like, he’s in love with her… just watch the show and don’t judge me for my opinion,” he said on Instagram.

Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things, retracted his opinion on Joe Goldberg, after watching the entire first season of You

Although at the time of publication it was not clear if Millie Bobby Brown had seen the entire first season of the series, the comments divided users on the network, unleashing a barrage of criticism against the Stranger Things actress.

“Can everyone tell @PennBadgley to talk to Millie Bobby Brown and let her know Joe is a creepy stalker please and thank you?” wrote one user.

“Millie Bobby Brown saying it doesn’t matter that Joe from ‘you’ is a serial killer because he’s in love with Beck is a strong energy 14 year old.” Commented another.

“Millie Bobby Brown watches this show….where is her mom this is not appropriate for a 14 year old no wonder she can’t understand that joe is literally a murderer and stalker omfg”

“I hope Millie Bobby Brown has a supportive family and people who take care of her professionally. Sympathizing with Joe, a stalker who murders people is not a healthy image for her. She’s clearly toxic… she’s still so young and growing up and being famous.”

After being overwhelmed by criticism, Millie Bobby Brown admitted that she hadn’t seen the entire first season of You. A rising star at the time, she responded to fans by saying that she had changed her mind after seeing the whole story and how it ended. The actress finally apologized for prematurely passing judgment on You’s character.

“So I just finished You and, I think I made a video the other day. I was on episode two, I guess I put together some analysis too fast,” Bobby Brown said. “Just watched episode ten, he’s definitely a stalker, but it was a really great show so I’m really excited for season two. My apologies if I’ve upset anyone.”

Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown Was Criticized After Supporting You’s Joe Goldberg