Stranger Things, the Duffers admit the final season will be a “balancing act”

At the end of the conversation with Patton Oswalt at an FYC panel held Saturday night at the Tudum Theater, the Duffer Brothers have unbuttoned the tone that the fifth and final season of the show will have.

Stranger Things is about to end and the excitement grows after the fourth season has left the audience with bated breath. During a meeting attended by creators Matt and Ross Duffer, director Shawn Levy and a large part of the cast in the figures of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), in videoconference, Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and his sister Erica (Priah Ferguson), whose character has emerged decisively in recent episodes, Vecna ​​/ Uno (Jamie Campbell Bower), Eddie (Joseph Quinn) and Argyle (Eduardo Franco), moderator Patton Oswalt couldn’t help but ask advances on what to expect from the next, highly anticipated episodes. Without spoilers, she asked what pop culture references or horror legends are foreseen for the future of the Hawkins kids. While director Shawn Levy is rumored “paralyzed with fear” at the very idea of ​​blurting too much, Ross Duffer indulged in an important consideration.


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“The fifth season will be the end of everything, so it will contain a little of all the previous ones. While before each season had something that set it apart … the third was our summer blockbuster with giant monsters, the fourth the psychological horror I think now we will go back a little to the beginnings, in the atmosphere of the first one“, he told the audience. “Although the last few episodes will be more aligned with the fourth season. Let’s say the fifth will be a little bit of everything.”

“The fifth season will have the characters at heart”adds Levy. “Even though the show has become so famous and the characters so iconic, and there’s so much of the supernatural genre and the ’80s, it’s mostly about the people. It’s about the characters.”says the director. “The characters’ stories will be treated and curated because they are the lifeblood of Stranger Things”.

And truly the series has managed to create iconic characters, just think of Eddie Munson, who managed to earn the unconditional love of the public in very few episodes, so much so that he wonders if the creators wanted to try their luck again by introducing new ones in the fifth season.

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“When we introduce a new character, we make sure he is an integral part of the narrative line”Matt Duffer said last August. “So for this season we thought, ‘Well, we need a character in the storyline that really works, that gives you the engine you need’ and it was Eddie. But we’re nervous when we do that because we have a great cast here, and great actors, and every moment we dedicate to a new character we are taking it away from them, so we are very, very cautious in doing so “.

We just have to wait with trepidation for the first episode of the fifth season, the title of which, The Crawlwas unveiled to the public last November 1st on the occasion of Stranger Things Day and which will kick off an ending that seems to have left the producers in tears during the meeting for the pitch with the Duffer brothers and the Netflix team.

Stranger Things, the Duffers admit the final season will be a “balancing act”