Supernatural Characters

From Greek mythology to the present day, the idea of ​​beings with human characteristics and superior capacities has existed in the mind of man, these appear in oral traditions, literature, in the theater, and more recently in the cinema, comics , advertising, anywhere.

The fictitious creation gives them superior capacities and not precisely in the intellectual, especially in the physical aspect, as heroes or villains. Both men and women are loaded with these attributes, just remember the Amazons who lived on an island in the Black Sea and to preserve their species they turned every so often to a neighboring island and as my mother said “they gave flight to the hilacha”, when they got pregnant they got rid of the male babies or mutilated them to be left only with the girls, one who faced them was Hercules of outstanding physical attributes, the Amazons are said to be excellent with the bow and arrow and to be able to do it with ease they cut a breast, hence its name comes from the Greek “a-mazos” which means without breasts. One would wonder what the largest and mightiest river in the world has to do with the name Amazon, it turns out that some native tribes that lived on the shores faced the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana with determination and courage, men and women in the same way Surprised by their fighting ability, he emulated them with the Greek warriors.
On January 1, 1818, “The Eternal Prometheus” made its appearance in Great Britain, better known to all of us as Frankenstein, by the English writer Mary Shelley, she and her husband traveled to Switzerland two years before it saw the light, the work Literature teacher, they visit their friend Lord Byron perhaps the best poet in the English language, trapped in a storm the host bets to see who can conceive a horror story while lightning and the noise in the middle of the night motivated the summoned , Mary does not finish her story but conceives the idea that she embodied with a moral proposal about science, where the protagonist tries to rival the power of God by creating Frankenstein.

The United States has produced most of these characters, the first of which was Superman dressed in a blue lycra tight attached to his body and on his chest a stylized triangle pointing downwards and a yellow “S” on his chest. The interior, born from the imagination of Jerry Siegel and the Canadian cartoonist Joe Shuster, appeared for the first time in 1938, from which countless comic book characters emerged, today called comics, many of them made into movies.

We Mexicans also have our fictional characters, perhaps the main one was “Santo” “El enmascarado de plata” who defeated countless strange beings that threatened tranquility in the sixties, seventies and early eighties of the last century, annihilated to the sexy vampire women, The mummies of Guanajuato, La llorona, a large number of stories, seen from a distance are perceived between the grotesque and the laughable, innocence made the audience vibrate excitedly in movie theaters, times have changed or What do you think?
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