Sylvester Stallone regrets that superhero movies have overshadowed action movies

Sylvester Stallone regrets that superhero movies have overshadowed action movies

Sylvester Stallone, better known for his characters in action movies like Rambo, or for the unforgettable boxer Rocky Balboa, has been part of superhero movies for several years; in the 90s he was the protagonist of The Judge (1995) (18%)based on a classic comic, and a few years ago we saw it in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (82%) like Stakar Ogord. In 2021 he voiced King Shark for himself in The Suicide Squad (91%)and a few months ago it premiered Nemesis (37%), where he plays a retired superhero. However, in a recent interview he launched a subtle criticism of the superhero subgenre, especially productions that abuse computer generated effects (CGI), and that have displaced popular taste to action movies.

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In a recent interview with The Hollywood ReporterStallone recalled that he was considered for various superhero roles, such as Superman, but didn’t get them because he didn’t have the superhero look. He also mentioned that he hoped to get the role of Nick Fury, since it was a supporting character. When questioned about the excess of superhero movies and the decline of action movies, the actor commented (via Comic Book Movie):

Yes it is [frustrante], [las grandes películas de acción son] how to buy an old watch It was originally $35 and now it’s $35,000. Why? Because they are made by hand. They were not exaggerated. They were not supernatural. It was something that a unique human being could achieve. That’s why I think Rambo: First Blood is one of the first action movies. I relied on body acting to tell the story. The character never speaks, but you know exactly what is going through the other characters. They are almost like narrators in his Greek tragedy. The guy never stops moving, and that’s what I call an ‘action movie.’ There is no CGI shot. Audience Says: That’s pretty special.

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Whether we like it or not, superhero movies have been dominating the industry for at least two decades. In the first decade of the 2000s, fantasy and the genre young adult they were more abundant, but with the arrival of the Marvel Cinematic Universe a new era began for the subgenre, and it has reached the present day breaking records and managing to captivate millions.

In the first years of the 21st century we had some milestones such as X-Men (81%) Y Spider-Man (89%), but it has been since 2008 that superheroes began to monopolize billboards. The Batman Trilogy Christopher Nolan (Memo (92%), Interstellar (71%), The Origin (86%)) was a success at the box office and critics praised it without measure. By 2012, when that saga came to an end with The Dark Knight Rises (87%)Marvel also released its first major crossover, The Avengers (92%)and from then on things were never the same.

Perhaps Marvel can be blamed for the abuse and irregular quality of CGI, but the reality is that visual effects have always been a tool in cinema, and can offer mediocre but also great results. Characters created from motion capture such as Gollum, Davy Jones, Caesar or Thanos are considered great achievements, and there are also disappointing cases, such as the villain of Eternals (58%)or the protagonist of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (74%).

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Sylvester Stallone regrets that superhero movies have overshadowed action movies