Terrifier 2: As Brutal as the Internet Said?

Terrifier 2 introduces us to a monster that can easily go down in movie history as one of the most brutal and surreal threats we’ve ever seen.

Making a horror movie is very difficult. Although there are many different kinds of movies, they all seem to answer to certain characteristics of a subgenre: slasher, demonic possession, monster, psychological thriller or the call “elevated horror” who bets on intense metaphors and shady relationships to generate tension.

We can list a thousand ways in which horror stories are manifested in the cinema, but it must be admitted that the audience is also used to seeing certain formulas about how they develop, and it must be admitted that many times the tapes prefer to use common resources and repeat certain characteristics to generate generic scares.

But that doesn’t happen with Terrifier 2 and his horrible clown Art. What started as a small experiment in an anthology movie called “All Hallow’s Eve” in 2013, it became one of the most original monsters that have been delivered to us in recent years (if not from the past decade).

But, Is it really as brutal as they say it is? Is a barf bag necessary? Does it cause blackouts and heart attacks? Here’s everything you need to know about Terrifier 2 before you see it in theaters!

A Very Original Monster

Clowns are a great source of horror and characters like Pennywise, Twisty and the clowns of Killer Clowns from Outer Space they are proof of it. Y Art (perfectly performed by david howard thornton) gives us a character we have never seen before: a likeable and brutal mime who mocks in the face of his victims.

The movie It is extremely bloody and very violent. It is definitely a story thinking about the horror lovers who enjoy the weird stories and it is not recommended for people who are weak to stomach or easily startled. Here we see mutilations, dismemberments, beheadings and all kinds of intense torture.

However, there is something fascinating and attractive in the body movements of Art. The fact that you don’t make no sound, not even when they hurt him, and the calm and sympathetic way in which he carries out each of his crimes, are components that make him very uncomfortable, but that are also very fun.

For that reason, perhaps it is more advisable to see it in a movie theater in the company of horrified people who he feels bad for laughing, but he can’t help it either. Terrifier It is one of those films that is most enjoyed when you comment on it at the moment and you can release a bit of the bloody tension that it presents.

And it is that part of the fascination that can cause Terrifier is that, really Art has no agenda or motivation specific to do what it does, contrary to other monsters of the genre such as Michael Myers or Pennywise. Although we know what it is a demon, All the atrocities he commits he does as if he were actually doing a comedy show, with no other interest than to cause laughter and fun (for himself).

Terrifier 2

His Female Characters are clichés

In fact, the way that Art takes over the screen and the brutality of his murders are so entertaining that he just holds the tape for much of it. Terrifier. So the story manages to make it unnecessary intrude too much in the lives of the protagonists.

Even so, Terrifier introduces us to Sienna (Lauren LaVera), a girl who is dealing with her father’s suicide and little by little becomes one of the victims of Art. But if it weren’t for his brother Jonathan (Elliott Fullam) he is a bit obsessed with the image of the scary clown, there is really nothing that binds him and they do not pursue each other directly I last a good part of the plot.

In fact, trying to delve into Art and Sienna’s relationship heading to the end of the tape is what makes Terrifier fall into genre clichés, particularly the way in which horror films build their female protagonists.

the persecution of sienna feels a bit long and tired, mainly because Art he’s not that brutal or that skillful to fight her. But the reason is that we can see LaVera’s character being exploited and constantly suffering.

We see her be stabbed, struck with a free hand, whipped, and the camera cannot help presenting those events in a sensual: the fight takes place half nakedand although the clown’s attacks are not as effective against her, the scenes where she suffers the most they build them in slow motion.

Does Terrifier have the potential to become a franchise?

Although everything in Terrifier embodies the entire definition of type B cinema and yes there is supernatural elements that are very funny (like the mime girl that accompanies it), the construction of the universe of art he also falls a bit because of his connection to sienna, who sometimes has visions of hell where the clown lives, and from there he takes a magic sword to defend.

However, the crazy way in which they don’t present clear rules about how Art works, is one of the things that is also fascinating about Terrifier. It’s not that it only comes out in Halloween to scare (although we’ve only seen him around during that time of year), it’s not like he has to go out either from time to time to feed or use very special powers.

Therefore, if the audience goes without knowing the character from the first tape Terrifier or his anthology in 2013, the experience is even more fun. Since the worldliness with which it appears and coexists in the town is a contrast crazy with the fantastic elements that occur suddenly.

Terrifier 2 is an interesting experiment that focuses on its villain to deliver us to a monster that will simply go down in movie history. And while it has the potential to keep expanding its story, there’s something very appealing about the little coherence that there is in its background, that hopefully they can continue to exploit in the third part (which of course is already in development).

Terrifier 2: As Brutal as the Internet Said?