The 10 Most Underrated Stephen King Books Worth Reading

Stephen King He is one of the most prolific authors in history. The writer of Maine has to his credit an extensive bibliography that includes some of the novels best sellers of all time.

However, not all of Stephen King’s work is welcomed by Carrie, The glow either Item, to name a few. certain works of his collection have traditionally been underestimated.


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However, this manufacturing machine best sellers continues to gather fans even with its novels most underrated.

Today, at Hobby Consolas, we review some of Stephen King’s underrated novels that, despite everything, are worth reading.

The Stephen King books we are going to talk about are:


Published in 2014, Revive is one of the darkest entries on our list, but also one of the most fascinating.

The story spans more than half a century and follows a young who has accompanied tragedy all his life.

Now an addicted, on-the-go rock star, he meets a preacher who came to his hometown when he was young.

Both will begin to experiment to find the cure for death and discover what awaits in the Afterlife.

Lisey’s story

Lisey's story

By far, Lisey’s story It is one of the most underrated Stephen King novels by a large part of his readers.

Own writer He defines it as one of his favorite works and, in its pages, we find a very careful development and care.

After the death of her husband, a successful novelist, and in charge of her sister, Lisey must also deal with some sinister threatening phone calls.

sleeping beauties

Sleeping Beauties (Stephen King)

Released in 2017, Sleeping Beauties is a collaboration between Stephen King and his son, Owen King.

Despite the fact that collaborations are not Stephen King’s forte, Sleeping Beauties presents very interesting passages and manages to keep the reader hooked with its moments of tension.

The story also presents a group of certainly curious characters that contribute by serving as a hook to the novel.


Cell (Stephen King)

The pessimism of CellStephen King’s novel published in 2006, contributed to making the novel not particularly welcome in a world where mobile phones had already become ubiquitous devices.

The story imagines a world where mobile phones literally turn people into mindless zombies. It is a novel that, deliberately, has very little development, something that is part of its charm.

Naturally, the good writer it wouldn’t take long to see his vision come true in the real world, at least to some degree.

the dome

the dome

Despite the fact that it had a television adaptation that generated a certain stir at the time, the dome It is not exactly one of the favorite books of many Stephen King fans.

The story of the town of Chester’s Mill, trapped under an impenetrable dome, presented an immense melting pot of characters.

Power struggles and harrowing revelations of secrets weren’t enough for some fans of the game. writer.

However, The Dome includes many of the great tropes inherent in a Stephen King story and, therefore, its presence on our list seemed necessary.

Buick 8: a wicked car

Buick 8 A wicked car

if you have read ChristineStephen King’s novel about a car possessed by supernatural powers, and you liked it, it is very likely that Buick 8: a wicked car do it too.

It is a publication that was added to the collection of rarities by Stephen King in 2002 and which follows the events of a police station that hides a strange secret.

That secret is the titular vehicle that, like Christine’s car, has powers that no one can explain.



Amusement parks have always had something, worth the redundancy, attractive, to tell a story, and Stephen King is no exception.

joylandpublished in 2013 by the writer, tells the story of college student Dev Jones, who works for a summer at an amusement park.

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During his job, Dev will find himself involved in a horrific crime and will try to deal with his long-distance relationship.

It is a story in which the development of characters is at the level of the best Stephen King, but with everything and, nevertheless, the novel turns back for many.

everything is eventual

everything is eventual

One of the most extensive and interesting compilations of Stephen King is everything is eventualwhich includes quite a lot of stories.

Some of them bring out the best horror writer side of King, while others surprise us with some memorable characters.

It would be difficult that, reading Everything is eventual, we do not find one, or several, stories that fascinate us.

Mr Mercedes

Mr Mercedes

Mr Mercedes It is part of a peculiar trilogy of detective novels within the Stephen King bibliography.

While it has received its fair share of praise, it’s funny how many people leave this one out of their Top 10 Favorite King novels.

In many ways, the writer demonstrates his great capacities for suspense in this work published in 2014.

The Langoliers

the langoliers

Short story compilations are a classic in the Stephen King bibliography and have inspired some of the most bizarre adaptations, including The Shawshank Redemption.

the langoliers It is his fourth compilation book, published in 1990. However, these four stories, which are not bad at all, have not ended up permeating some sectors of the King of Terror fans.

Be that as it may, we suggest that you give this compilation of the Stephen King collection a try.

If you are one to devour books in pairs, Stephen King is one of those authors with a bibliography so extensive as to keep you with your hands on the pages for a long time, and he has underrated novels that are really worth it.

The 10 Most Underrated Stephen King Books Worth Reading