The 5 “coincidences” between ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Harry Potter’

    The first season of ‘Wednesday’the Netflix series directed by Tim Burton and starring Jenna Ortega like the little one from the Addams Family, is being a phenomenon on the platform and the possibility of a second season of ‘Wednesday’ is already beginning to be raised in Internet gossip… Although many begin to notice too many points in common with one of the highest grossing sagas in history: ‘Harry Potter.

    Much of its success is the dark and gothic style of Tim Burtonwhich fits perfectly with the imagery and the usual tone of the addams family, and the good work of Jenna Ortega in front of the cameras. The young actress had a major challenge ahead of her, as she separate Wednesday from christina ricci seemed like an almost impossible task.

    But Ortega has fully complied, faithfully representing the cynical and sinisterly playful point of the character. Nothing to do, in theory, with the Harry Potter of Daniel Radcliffe, an innocent and sociable being of light. Or that is what the creators of the netflix series Alfred Gough and Miles Millar: “We definitely wanted to make sure it didn’t feel like a copy of Harry Potter. To have it clearly feel ‘Addams’ in the tone, which I think is much more comedic,” said Millar. “And I think ‘Wednesday’ is a perfect marriage for Tim [Burton]that has a dark sensibility that is the opposite of Harry Pottera very sweet character.”

    Millar details, yes, other influences that they took into account when facing ‘Wednesday’, one of The best mystery and suspense series on Netflix Today: “We definitely wanted to have a fun nod to horror and Tim is a huge fan of the genre. There’s this weird mix of tones in the show that I think made the studio very nervous in terms of, well, Is it a comedy, is it a horror movie, is it a teen drama, is it a teen romance? Or is it all of that at once? That’s what we answered. It doesn’t have to be one thing. It’s a smorgasbord of things. An audience can go from scene to scene and understand what each one is and react to that. I think that’s what’s so satisfying. I think Tim’s previous work really reflects that tone. ‘Edward Scissorhands’ is a really good precedent. ‘Heathers (School for Young Killers)’ was another big influence for us in terms of tone. There’s a level of humor that’s very, very dark and black that really works for this particular show.”

    To these referents we could add ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘, or even ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘, but without a doubt (and whatever Gough and Millar say), the shadow of ‘Harry Potter’ is lengthened in the new Tim Burton showand could be even higher in the second season of ‘Wednesday’. These are the “matches”:

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In the first episode, as soon as he arrives at the Nunca Más Academy, Wednesday wants to mark territory against the most popular girl in school, Bianca, but what ends up marking is his forehead with a scar above his left eyebrow.

Harry Potter’s lightning bolt was on his right eyebrow, with which we can establish a symbolism of the “double of the mirror”, or what is the same, to Wednesday as a sinister dopplegänger of innocent Harry Potter.

‘Wednesday’ Also Has Hermione Granger Elementsgetting smart in the class on poisonous plants led by Christina Ricci’s character, while Ron Weasley would clearly be Ennidher roommate.

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Nevermore Academy is Hogwarts

in the first of the ‘Harry Potter’ moviesthe young magician is sent to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardrya castle divided by houses where he becomes friends and enemies with both students and staff.

At the beginning of Wednesday’s story, the young troublemaker is sent to another boarding school, the Never Again Academya huge gothic building divided by “clans” where you never know which teacher you can trust and where the classmates may not be what they seem.


The competition between houses

If at Hogwarts we had Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin competing for the House Cup, in Nunca Más we have the Fangs (vampires), Skins (werewolves), Scales (mermaids), and Boulders (gorgons) fighting for the Poe Cup, a “Capture the Flag” canoe competition in which anything goes.

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In ‘Harry Potter’ it’s called “muggle” to the one who is not a wizard or wizardoften in a derogatory way.

On Wednesday’, those who do not have supernatural powers or characteristics are the “normies”while the students of Nunca Más are “marginalized”.

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The one who must not be named (but who ends up being named many times) tries to kill Harry Potter when he is a baby since there is a prophecy that Harry will kill him in the future.

Wednesday is also the protagonist of an apocalyptic prophecyas stated in the first episode, although in this case she is not the savior of the school but its executioner… Will she be able to prevent it from happening?

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The 5 “coincidences” between ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Harry Potter’