The awakening of the air witch


The Solaris empire needs one more conquest to unify the continent, and the unique magic that remains hidden within Vhalla Yarl, an apprentice librarian seventeen years old, he could change the course of the war.

Vhalla has always been taught to fear the Tower of Wizards, a mysterious magical society, and has found refuge in the quiet world of books. But when she unwittingly saves the life of one of the most powerful sorcerers, Crown Prince Aldrik, she finds herself drawn into her world. She now she must decide what to do with his future: whether to embrace his magic and abandon the life he knows, or eradicate it and remain where he has always been. And with powerful forces lurking in the shadows, Vhalla’s indecision could cost him more than he imagines.


“Awakening of the Air Witch”of
elise kovais the first of the five books that make up the saga The awakening of the air. The Umbriel publishing house publishes this series of fancy. On the first page you will find a Map in black and white of the created universe: The Greater Continent, the Crescent Continent, the South Lyndum, the West Mhashan, the North Shaldan and the East Cyven.

Vhalla, seventeen years old, is a librarian trainee, yes, you read correctly, she is not the typical brave warrior, her passion is books. Her overwhelming personality will be even more so when she discovers her true powers… We will meet the Solaris empire, a kingdom at war where magic is feared, even condemned. He will be accompanied on this adventure by a sorcerer prince with whom he will join an unbreakable magical bond.

Make yourself comfortable, this is it. a wonderful journey towards an epic fantasy accompanied by romance and great adventures. Because I don’t know if you have read Elise, but she likes to tell stories of fantasy worlds full of magic and deep emotions. On this occasion, she will combine an imaginary world with detailed characters.
Do you want to know more? So have a little patience, it is the first volume and the author must shape it, perhaps that is why you will feel that the reading starts slowly, but it is just that, a feeling, we soon become aware of very suggestive issues that will keep you turning pages. Things will not stop happening, although the main basis in this first part is that you know Vhalla’s personality perfectly. Always narrated in the third person, we will know everything that is happening, as well as the thoughts of our main character. The crown prince Aldrik, very prominent in all the events that will happen. They say that he has a reputation for being very cruel to his enemies… but beware, he hides his own mystery… then there are Vhalla’s friends.

If you are fans of plot twists, you will not find many, the hook to the plot is all the events that are going to happen, one after another, it is amazing, really, it creates a tremendous reading addiction, it does not let the reader rest, you must keep breathing and turning pages. The function of each chapter is to reveal new things about the characters. You will not know much about the outside, almost the entire plot takes place in the castle. I must emphasize that I loved the way she dealt with the theme of romance, although it is quite important, the author knew how to balance it within the main plot and that there is a lot of sexual tension. You will enjoy the occasional training scene, few to my liking, and above all, be on the lookout for unexpected deaths…

You will find a beautiful writing, a simple pen with concise explanations and without being extensive. He invented a universe very similar to ours, it feels familiar, it costs our minds nothing to penetrate those scenarios.

As the plot progresses, new characters come out, so diverse among them depending on where they were born, adding interest to the story. we will meet many
sorcerers each one standing out in a power in the elements: Fire, Water, Wind and Air. Of other concepts of magic we will know little, the author leaves crumbs to show in the following books. There are hardly any villains, at least as we usually know them in this kind of sagas.
In short, what does this principle contribute? A librarian with a secret having to change the life he loved and knew for another full of dangers and dark forces following in his footsteps… A dark and fiery prince… Once the magic is awakened, nothing will ever be the same again…

The ending will leave us wanting to know more not only about the characters, but also about magic and that war between kingdoms..

Waiting for the sequel? Of course.


Violet Lilac

The awakening of the air witch