The best theories about season 1 of The House of the Dragon

Fans have taken it upon themselves to find a way back to Westeros through theories of The House of the Dragon. It is time to investigate the ones that have emerged so far

As new episodes of ‘The house of the dragon’, fans have been in charge of finding a way back to Westeros through theories. Knowing the events of the first season, they try to predict future turns or find out the secrets that the series hides.

But not all fan theories are the same. While some may fit the series, like the theory that Helaena’s children are Aedmon’s, although they are not entirely exact, others are a great leap. So it’s time to investigate the wackiest theories that have come out so far and how well they fit in with what’s already established.

The best theories about season 1 of The House of the Dragon

The Grand Master killed Aemma and the baby

Early in the season, Queen Aemma, played by actress Sian Brooke, dies giving birth to a prince, who does not survive either. The scene offers a rather traumatic view of what childbirth is like without the medical advances. As Emma says, “The birthing bed is the battlefield of women.” In today’s world, although it is not so common anymore, the woman can die in the process, but something more could have been done in this situation of Aemma. Grand Maester Mellos, played by David Heroico, says that there is no way to save Aemma, and that they may be able to save the child if they act quickly. Of course, the girl is not saved. Although it is totally plausible that this happens, some fans have a darker opinion about it.

This is but the latest addition to the long-standing maester conspiracy theory that the maesters of the citadel want to rid Westeros of magic.

And who has more magic than the Targaryens? Orchestrating these deaths could be part of the maesters’ plans, or Maester Mellos simply seized the opportunity when he saw it. In any case, if the maester was behind it, it was efficient.

Little did he know that this event would lead to a war of succession, much more loss, and the eventual extinction of the dragons. But if his goal was to eliminate magic, this was a big step in the right direction. ‘The house of the dragon’ It includes several allusions to the maesters’ conspiracy, so while it’s a lot to take in, it’s not the wildest theory.

The best theories about season 1 of The House of the Dragon

Criston Cole is the father of Jacaerys

In the series it is speculated that they are the children of Harwin Strong, who is played by actor Ryan Corr, but some fans have other ideas. In episode 4, “King of the Narrow Sea”, Rhaenyra has sex with Criston Cole, who is played by Fabien Frankel. Rhaenyra is given moon tea, but is not shown drinking it.

Some say this could have been the conception of Rhaenyra’s eldest son, Jacaerys, played by actor Harry Collett. What this theory misses is timing. Jacaerys is introduced after a time jump of ten years, but he is only about 7 or 8 years old. That places the conception of him during the time jump and during the time that he doesn’t show himself. Rhaenyra and Cole’s relationship exploded almost immediately. It wouldn’t make sense for them to continue during the timeskip, seeing how much Cole dislikes Rhaenyra after she rejects her proposal to run away from her.

The other issue is pregnancy. When Cole and Rhaenyra had pleasurable sex it was before their wedding. It happened before she got engaged. The time it takes to plan the royal wedding would make it difficult to hide a pregnancy.

The best theories about season 1 of The House of the Dragon

Larys Strong is a Greenseer and Warg

First of all, it doesn’t hurt to leave you a link so that Get to know in detail what could be the most cruel and dangerous villain, Larys Strong. In this case there are two theories, but they are so similar that they go hand in hand. Larys, played by Mathew Needham, knows the sins of everyone.

His club foot makes him invisible, so he can easily hear what others don’t want to be heard. Larys is a master manipulator who doesn’t hesitate to pull the strings of influential people. But the question is: How does Larys know everything? Information about him as his weapon is reminiscent of Bloodraven, the three-eyed raven who teaches Bran Stark how to use his powers. The raven comes into play generations after House of the Dragon.

He gathered information through his powers to manipulate the people around him. Larys could be doing something similar, using the birchwood trees for people-watching. It would be her nature to secretly use her ability and spy on those around the castle.

The other is that Larys could be a warg. It would be possible that she was both, like Bran. Due to persistent footage of rats running around the Red Keep, some suggest that Larys is a rat, allowing her to spy on the castle’s inhabitants more easily. She fits her character and would be an interesting connection to Game of Thrones.

But many spies in King’s Landing don’t use such supernatural methods, like Varys or Littlefinger, who share many similarities with Larys. The theory is mind-boggling, but somewhat far-fetched.

The House of the Dragon - Larys Strong

Laenor will return as Addam of Hull

One of the major changes from George RR Martin’s ‘Fire and Blood’ novel is the fate of Laenor. In the book, he dies, but the series shows him faking his death and escaping from Essos. It’s an interesting change. However, he has problems. Especially the fact that Laenor has left his dragon, Seasmoke. In the book he is pretended by Addam of Hull, who claims to be Laenor’s bastard son, though many think he is the son of Laenor’s father, Corlys, played by Steve Toussaint. But if Laenor is alive, can someone else claim the dragon? Laenor could die abroad, or he could return as the same man who claimed the dragon.

Laenor wanted a life of adventure, and she also recognized that he could not be the husband Rhaenyra needed, despite their friendship. Her faking her death allowed her to remarry and him to be free from her, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t come back from her and fight for her. He was affectionate with his children, whom he claimed as his own.

So recent events could draw him back to Westeros. He couldn’t come back as himself, or Rhaenyra’s new marriage would be called into question. The solution would be to return in disguise. Laenor could have met someone new in Essos, posing as his brother, but that would require creative explanations. Perhaps Alyn is a bastard of Velaryon, whom Corlys introduces to Laenor to fool her. The other problem is age. To say that he is his own son, Laenor would have to lie about his age, but the idea falls within the realm of possibility.

The best theories about season 1 of The House of the Dragon

Rhaena is covered up

Another theory around the characters focuses on Daemon’s daughter. Rhaena, played by Pheobe Campbell. Rhaena doesn’t have any dragons, but she desperately wants one. When Daemon talks about the unclaimed dragons, the time lapse shows Rhaena’s intrigued face, which seems to imply her intention to claim one of hers.

But, if the series follows ‘Fire and Blood’, that cannot be the case. Fans suggested that Rhaena could claim Sheepstealer instead of the mysterious character, Nettles. Daemon and Nettles have a close relationship, almost always described as lovers, but one story in ‘Fire and Blood’ suggests that Nettles could be Daemon’s bastard daughter. Nettles’ lack of Valyrian traits could be explained by the costume. But why couldn’t Rhaena claim the dragon as herself?

Yes, claiming a dragon is dangerous, but with more Targaryen blood, Rhaena is the best candidate the Blacks have. And no one would stop him from fighting on the back of a dragon, like her sister, Baela, played by actress Bethany Antoni, and her grandmother, Rhaenys, played by Eve Best.

Rhaena could claim a different dragon. Although it is unlikely that Rhaena will disguise herself, since she is good for nothing and she can confuse casual viewers, it is likely that Rhaena will claim a dragon. Many of the changes in the series have been to add power and autonomy to the female characters, such as the death of Laena. This change would do the same.

The best theories about season 1 of The House of the Dragon

Alicent becomes Melisandre

Some theories try to link the series to ‘Fire and Blood’, while others focus on ties to ‘Game of Thrones’. Although ‘The house of the dragon’ is located more than a hundred years before the original series, some characters could appear, one of them Melisandre, the Red Witch, who was brought to life by the actress Carice van Houten.

Some fans theorize that Alicent Hightower, played by actress Olivia Cooke, will eventually become Melisandre. The idea is that Alicent Hightower find out what Viserys’ last words really meant, what will become his driving force. Melisandre spends ‘Game of Thrones’ convinced that Stanis (Stephen Dillane) is the “prince promised”. It’s an unlikely theory. Just because Melisandre is alive doesn’t mean she has to be a main character, or even appear in the series. Another is that Melisandre is from Asshai, while Alicent is from Old Town.

Another problem with the theory is Alicent’s devotion to the faith of the Seven, while Melisandre is a priestess of the Lord of Light. A hundred years can change a person, but it’s a big jump. The two have nothing in common except hair color, which is used as evidence for the theory. Anyway… I wouldn’t bet too much on this theory.

The best theories about season 1 of The House of the Dragon

Daemon is the King of the night

No theory can be more far-fetched than this. Really.

The idea that Daemon Targaryen is the Night King is based on four things:

First of all, the Night King is immune to fire. Like prophetic dreams, not all Targaryens have this gift, but some do, including Daenerys, who gave Emilia Clarke life. And the Night King’s resistance to fire is obviously due to genetics and not because he’s a magical being with cold-based powers.

The second argument is that the Night King rides a dragon, which also has nothing to do with it being magical.

Third, Daemon’s clothes are similar to the Night King’s.

And lastly, in ‘Fire and Blood’ Daemon’s body is never recovered. Supporters of the theory also cite ‘House of the Dragon’ attempts to connect with ‘Game of Thrones’but this would not be the correct way to do it.

The Wall was built in response to the White Walker threat hundreds of years before ‘House of the Dragon’. And the Night King’s creation was shown in Game of Thrones, so he’s definitely not Daemon. Daemon’s possible survival could lead to a lot of fun theories, all of them more possible than this one.

The best theories about season 1 of The House of the Dragon

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The best theories about season 1 of The House of the Dragon