The Cárcel Vieja Contemporary Culture Center opens the season with ‘Heroes and Villains’

The exhibition, organized by the Murcia City Council and the Institute of Art and Culture, opens today at 7:00 p.m. and can be seen until October 17. More than 50 works by 30 national and international artists occupy the rooms of this new space for meeting and cultural dissemination for the city

The exhibition with which the Cárcel Vieja Contemporary Culture Center opens the season will mean not only a reunion of the Murcian public with contemporary art, but also an opportunity for the family to enjoy a proposal of great interest with national and international participation and wide projection .

This Thursday, September 15, starting at 7:00 p.m., the Mayor of Murcia, José Antonio Serrano, inaugurates ‘Héroes y Villanos’, an exhibition organized by the Department of Culture and the Institute of Art and Culture, and curated by Eva Hernández Calderon.

The Mayor José Antonio Serrano has highlighted “the wide projection of an exhibition that enriches a modern and avant-garde space open to all Murcians where they will find numerous reasons to walk through its rooms and appreciate the art of high-level authors such as those who participate this time.”

For the Councilor for Culture, Tourism and Sports, Pedro García Rex, “this is a high-quality exhibition that will surely attract numerous visitors during the month that it will be exhibited in the Cárcel Vieja, a center open to Murcians with proposals of great interest like this and others that will come in the coming months”.

More than 30 national and international artists exhibit within the walls of the Cárcel Vieja more than 50 works of painting, sculpture, photography, installations and surprising ‘nfts’ that will offer the viewer a unique experience with languages ​​as different as realism, expressionism, surrealism, hyperrealism and all kinds of figurations.

All this under the title ‘Heroes and Villains’ and a highly attractive theme for viewers of all ages, with characters with supernatural powers as protagonists, usually arising from our own imagination, from popular culture or from the mythical legends of the antiquity, which have always been part of our lives and whose exploits have been inspiring works of literature, theatre, illustration and cinema for centuries.

Participating artists

1- Perrilla (A Coruña, 1981)

2- Juan Piza (Valencia, 1979)

3- Thomas Kuebler (United States, 1960)

4- Eva Montoro (Madrid, 1968)

5- Pedro Sandoval (Venezuela, 1964)

6- Joan Priego (Barcelona, ​​)

7- Jan Valdes (Cuba, 1979)

8- Diego Aznar (Teruel, 1985)

9- Mark Gleason (United States, 1962)

10- Julian Orgaz (Toledo, 1981)

11- Penrider (Madrid, 1980)

12- Virginie Barré (France, 1970)

13- Zoe Moss (UK, 1981)

14- Peter Zelei (Hungary, 1970)

15- Hans Kuyper (Holland, 1955)

16- Martin Beck (Scotland, 1968)

17- Reme Amorós (Alicante, 1962)

18- Philipp Liehr (Germany, 1986)

19- Fred Stonehouse (United States, 1960)

20- Paul Neberra (Portugal, 1982)

21- Jorge Pérez Parada (Ciudad Real, 1971)

22- Kerstin Jedwill (Germany, 1968)

23- Eugenio Merino (Madrid, 1975)

24- Luciano Sánchez (Granada, 1977)

25- Teresa Guerrero (Cordoba, 1966)

26- Javier Martinez (Madrid, 1968)

27- Mariano Vargas (Algeciras, 1964)

28- Javier Granados (Ciudad Real, 1964)

29- Antonio de Felipe (Valencia, 1965)

30- Pablo Ruiz (Valencia, 1976)

31- Marcos Santos (Portugal, 1981)GP



The Cárcel Vieja Contemporary Culture Center opens the season with ‘Heroes and Villains’