The collector of souls

The shadows of the night twist like ravenous snakes around the Castle of Montechiarugolo. Everything seems quiet, but, in the darkness, something moves covertly, sniffing the air and peering around, looking for new victims … A sudden scream tears the silence, then, after a moment that lasted an eternity, everything is silent . And when the dawn comes to illuminate the fortress with the light of the new day, the country wakes up again impoverished of one of its souls.

The Halloween Night knocks on the gates of the Montechiarugolo Castle: the manor will in fact become the scene of a dramatic and terrifying story, a story in which you will be the protagonists … You will have the courage to investigate the mystery that for some time oblivious to the inhabitants of the place? An evening of suspense and fun awaits you, Monday 31st October!

The event includes an animated tour of the manor, in which a story with a marked narrative connotation will be staged, with noir hues, with thriller and supernatural elements. The participants, led by one of our actors, will venture along a predetermined path, which will include the use of interiors, patrol walkways and exteriors with stages manned by costumed actors, scenic elements and small puzzles to be solved, which will increase the immersion and involvement of the participants.

In case of rain the event will take place regularly.

Take part in the Only4U Halloween Contest:
• Choose your horror subject during the 31/10 event
• Take an original photo showing at least one detail of the Castle
• Post it by tagging @ only4u_events
• You have time until 03/11 inclusive

The photo that reaches the most likes will receive a free tasting for two people at our Authentic Milan Store or a guided tour for two people at the wonderful Palazzo Marchi Museum in the historic heart of Parma.

6 shifts to choose from (each shift lasts about 50 minutes with a maximum of 20 people each):

• Departure 1 shift: 19:00
• Departure 2nd shift: 20:00
• Departure 3 round: 21:00
• Departure 4th shift: 22:00
• Departure 5th shift: 11.00pm
• Departure 6 shift: 24:00

Cost of the event:
Adults: € 25.00 per person
Children: not recommended under 14 years

The event is mainly aimed at adults, in the case of families with interested children we recommend an age of no less than 14 years (the cost is always € 25.00 per person).

Nearby Parking: Parking available a few steps from the Castle.

Telephone numbers, e-mails and website for information:
0523 972003

How to get there: Montechiarugolo Castle – Piazza Mazzini, 1 – 43022
Montechiarugolo (Parma)

The collector of souls