The H* Comedy, the latest book by Giampietro Gaetani. We talked about it in front of a fireplace

GROTTAMMAREAfter the last very interesting book by my childhood friend Giampietro (for friends Giampiero) Gaetani, I felt compelled to have our readers explain what inspired it. Of course football (for us in 1945 he was the main actor, on and off the field, in the long evenings at Bar Massimo to be precise). Both Inter players often came close to major quarrels with Juventus (the late Mimmo Castelli in primis and the AC Milan fans Guglielmo Neroni, Andrea Guidotti). But politics too, less than football though, was among the main topics of our discussions. We founded an association which we called fluff Nine, inspired by the great moments of turmoil that crossed Italy. We stopped almost immediately to avoid being interpreted… badly, even though our intentions were totally pacifist. In his volume, the desire to dream of a better future has evidently returned, as in the spirit that inspired Forza Nine. We met again often three years ago when we relaunched the idea of Big Cityunfortunately still stopped in the pits.

I digressed with pleasure but I’ll go right back to the content of the interview in front of the fireplace in his house.

Giampie’, did you like it? This time, in your futuristic vision, you have taken up the topics that fascinated us as young people, politics and football…

You’re right, Zarè, I couldn’t resist the temptation!


More than a real temptation it was an invitation that, first I didn’t accept, then, after thinking about it for a week, I started writing and only stopped in March 2021 when I finished the last page, all the same despite the fact that the partner “informed of the facts”, after the first pages, disappeared in the Roman mists.

So unlike The Beastsyour first book, which you had written together with a Mental Coach, did you write it alone?

How ever! This time I exaggerated, fourteen friends offered their “professional” contribution, whom I will never stop thanking!

Fourteen friends?

Their idea of ​​developing the Ministry that I assigned to each of them… for me I only kept the Research one.

Interesting! Explain better

I’m talking about The H* Comedy, my book; a thriller of political science fiction, certainly not dystopian, rather utopian, given that, despite a final twist, it has a very positive epilogue.

Do you have to tell me something to make me want to read it?

Of course! Let’s start with the cover, obviously yellow, the title The H* Comedy, in fact it is only the official one, since the book contains 10 English adjectives to replace the H* depending on the sensations experienced after reading it … this book has a record … it is the only one that potentially has 11 different titles!

The subtitle “a yellow book of Italian history … never written!” contains an indisputable truth: from 2060 to April 2021, going back in time, the Italian story narrated is only the result of the dreamlike vision of a biologist, lent to writing… temporarily.

The story begins in 2058 (!. ndd)when a General of the Reserve receives the task of investigating the “Period of Tragedies” (60s-90s of the twentieth century), the black spot of Italian history that the “brothers” of the SUM (Mediterranean United States), meanwhile established , they ask us to eliminate, providing a credible version of the course of events.

General Franco Maria Borboni accepts “without reservations”… moreover, he could not have done otherwise… and after many natural and artificial vicissitudes he tries to fulfill the task assigned to him.

He can?

We say yes, but in an absolutely casual way, on the one hand, and supernatural, on the other, for this reason the book is a “unique” that is difficult to replicate, at least according to the Freccia d’Oro publishing house of Ferrara which edited The H * Comedy.

Excuse me but I have the impression that you say and don’t say, can you at least quote a passage?

Since I’ve aroused your curiosity… that’s what I promised myself… here’s one of the important moments: the discovery of the famous Red Agenda (Reference to the Borsellino crime! Ndd)

Interesting! But what does supernatural ups and downs mean, is he helped from above?

For the imagination that distinguishes the book, it would have been a fairly trivial conclusion to rely on a single miracle but miracles are “scientific” and there are even two. (Page 107)

Good! I’m not saying both but you have to tell me at least one!

I present to you the most innovative (Page 106)

(After reading it): I can’t hide from you that you’ve reached your goal… I’ll read myself The H* Comedy with a lot of interest, but where can you buy it?

It can be ordered from Mimmo Minuto’s Books and Events, or from the most well-known e-commerce sites. in 2038, it will undergo a real revolution. Happy reading Zare’!

Thanks and congratulations for the inspiration that I think is simply brilliant

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The H* Comedy, the latest book by Giampietro Gaetani. We talked about it in front of a fireplace – Riviera Oggi