The house of lost horizons. A Sarah Jewell Mystery.

original edition: The House of Lost Horizons. To Sarah Jewell Mystery 1-5 USA (Dark Horse)
National edition/Spain: The house of lost horizons. A Sarah Jewell Mystery. (Editorial Standard, 2022)
Script: Chris Robertson
He drew: Leila del Duca
Color: Michelle Madsen
Translation: Hector Lorda
technical realization: Martin Garces
Format: Rustic. 136 pages. €18.50

A Cluedo in the Hellboy universe

The Mignolaversemore commonly known as hellboy universe, has turned out to be very rich. With almost thirty years of stories behind them, what started as a series of limited series based on the character ended up with a whole world of dark stories to explore. A hellboy followed by AIDPturning out to be the one that has accumulated the most pages, and with series of a considerable duration focused on other characters such as abe sapien, Johnson Lobster Y Sir Edward Grey: Witch Hunter. But this Mignolaverse It has also been expanded thanks to small miniseries of a very diverse nature, intended to narrate episodes in the lives of much more secondary characters, including the origins of villains. The tone of loose stories that characterizes Hellboy is filled with a range of limited series in which their authors play with the broad concept of dark fantasy or terror, mixing it with an adventurous, warlike, science-fiction or, as is the case, style. case today, with the stories of mysterious murders.

The comparison with Christie Agatha It is obvious and is not hidden at any time. A house on a practically inaccessible island, a stormy night and a murder in a locked room take us back to and there were none left (Ten Negritos), and, therefore, dozens of works, whether literary or audiovisual, based on the famous novel. That is to say, it is not a product that raises the flag of originality, but it is a very functional type of mystery and that, unless it is well written and drawn, achieves the effect of entertaining us for a long time. Suffice it to say that this one pulls it off without a hitch.


It could well be said that it works for anyone who wants a story that draws on the topics of mysterious murders in a closed environment, with its investigators in this case and a well-known halo of magic, which although it has no explanation, neither does it need it for immerse yourself in the universe of Mignola. Curious, yes, that this is one of the few stories in his world in which she has not participated.

Mignolaat the very least, usually works on the argument of the series related to hellboy, if not as a cartoonist or writer (or co-writer in most cases). However, here he leaves everything in the hands of another writer. One nothing unknown to the followers of the Hellboy universe, well chris roberson has co-written, and continues to do so, many stories for Mignolaincluding arcs of hellboy and the AIDP. But you have to look at two fundamentally to better understand this tome: Sir Edward Grey: Witch Hunter Y The origin of the Black Flame. Not because they are necessary, Lto the house of the lost horizons It is an autonomous volume that does not need more, but its protagonist appeared with some importance in those two aforementioned series, Sarah Jewell, who appears with her partner Marie-Therese LaFleur.

The detectives associated with the paranormal appear in the San Juan Islands to attend the auction of supernatural objects left by the millionaire Q. Whelstone but, as soon as they set foot on land, Sarah’s widow and friend informs them of a murder between the assistants. From here the series has two incentives, the resolution of the murder and attending another point in the life of Sarah Jewell, a very attractive character since her introduction and with one of those mysterious pasts that any reader wants to go to. .

The second point is less important than it seems, because what is explored in Sarah’s life is rather little, so in reality what sustains the work is the search for the murderer. Its strong point is the characters we find in the house. Each of them with their strange motivations and their peculiar union with the magical world. Not to mention the house staff, all of them with unclear intentions regarding the loot that is hidden in the house. Uniting the two worlds, the supernatural and the mysterious murders, it turns out to be a good idea to achieve a light reading that makes us spend a good afternoon on the couch, with a fairly classic resolution (and no, there is no butler) but no less interesting.


For followers of this universe, or of Sarah Jewell’s character, they will find nods to secret societies, mentions of other series and some other thing that always makes one better enter the work. But basically what you see is what you get, a successful murder and investigation story but with little more to scratch.

In the Mignolaverse the drawing of his series has always been taken care of, having someone as Mike Mignola in front it could not be otherwise, and normally he shoots for cartoonists who well reflect this tone of darkness that the author shows off, that is why the work of Leila Del Duca in this volume. She is a very clear cartoonist with smooth lines, who enhances facial expressiveness to the detriment of large backgrounds, although she takes risks with the perspectives of some cartoons, with a much more current graphic style than some of the cartoonists who are usually dedicated to these collections. A priori it may seem much simpler compared to the rest of the Hellboy universe, but it has very striking specific pages, you just have to see the entrance to the house, and it shows a great ability to reflect fear on the faces of the characters, which is a point in its favor taking into account the type of work we are dealing with.

The house of lost horizons It is pure entertainment and it also has a good addition, another little Sarah Jewell mystery made by the same authors and that was published in the winter special of hellboy of 2019. A short story that also works like a charm and that does follow more within the general tone of this Mignolaversewith more presence of horror in the Lofcraftian style.

The best

• It’s a classic and successful murder story that ensures a good time.
• Sarah Jewell is an enigmatic character of those who dazzle us.


• It doesn’t stand out among the Hellboy spin-offs, which is not easy given the high level of some of them.

Original Edition: The House of Lost Horizons. A Sarah Jewell Mystery 1-5 USA (Dark Horse) National Edition/Spain: The house of lost horizons. A Sarah Jewell Mystery. (Editorial Standard, 2022) Script: Chris Roberson Drawing: Leila del Duca Color: Michelle Madsen Translation: Héctor Lorda Technical production: Martín Garcés Format: Rústica.…

The house of lost horizons. A Sarah Jewell Mystery.

The house of lost horizons. A Sarah Jewell Mystery.


Igor Alvarez Muniz

Dash – 7

Drawing – 7.2

Interest – 7.4


Good drawing and a working script make this story by Sarah Jewell a good way to spend a pleasant afternoon solving murders.

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The house of lost horizons. A Sarah Jewell Mystery.