The Infinite Grim Reaper (The Infinite Cycle 2)


Emil and Brighton managed to escape with their lives in their confrontation with the Bloodsprinklers, but there were many losses. To make matters worse, Brighton, Eager to have powers and be invincible, he drank the Blood of the Grim Reaper and now he is dying.

Emil will do everything possible for find an antidote to save his brother and the ghosts who want to free themselves from his powers, like himself. To achieve this, he will have to investigate your past lives through a process that the phoenixes perform. Will he get it?


“The Infinite Grim Reaper” It is the second book in the series. the infinite loopof Adam Silvera.

I have to say that before starting to read this book I had to briefly review the review of the previous one, “The Infinite Son” (because a long time has passed since that reading) to remember the plot, the characters and the story. It hasn’t been difficult to reconnect with all of them, because once I started reading, I remembered what happened in the first book and the tremendous ending that the writer left us.

The story begins at a critical moment, when Brighton is
drinking the Blood of the Grim Reaper trying to gain the powers he craves. With Emil wounded and Brighton sick from the potion, it’s hard to believe that they’ve succeeded in their mission against the Bloodsprinklers.

Now Emil will have to seek antidote for his brother and for himself, because he does not want the powers that he has manifested. For this, he will have to do a travel to your past lives in search of a formula that Sera and Bautista (his past life) developed to be able to end the war between celestials and specters.

Meanwhile, Ness, presumed dead by Emil, has been recaptured by his father, Senator Iron, who is taking advantage of his shifting power to manipulate everyone and win the election.

Will Emil get the potion to save his brother? Will Brighton want to get rid of her powers when the time comes? A confrontation between the brothers is coming…

The author plunges us back into reading with a very good setting, which can be considered another character. a world where there is magical creatures like the phoenixes or the basilisks, with two factions with powers, on the one hand, the celestials, who were born with them, and on the other, the specters, who obtained their powers from the blood of magical creatures.

This war has only just begun, the Spellbearers do their best to stop the Bloodsprinklers, but it is getting more and more complicated and public opinion does not help.

As you can see, there are many things that this book offers us and it can give the feeling of being a bit chaotic, especially at the beginning, since tells the story from the point of view of several characters. This allows you to get to know them more thoroughly and empathize with them. Emil and Brighton carry the greatest weight in the story, and their differences are the engine of the plot. Surely the reader opts for one or the other, since the feared confrontation between them is getting closer.

The pace is good, although I have missed that eagerness to read that usually characterize this type of book. Although it is not addictive, I do notice an improvement over the previous one, so
I look forward to the third part.

Monica CZ

The Infinite Grim Reaper (The Infinite Cycle 2)