The Ring & The Crown from book to TV series: the novelty of Disney +

Disney + it is no less than its direct competitors and is constantly looking for original and unpublished titles that can attract the attention of its subscribers, but at the same time that can capture the interest of new viewers ready to become stable users. For this reason, the announced novelty is very popular.

20th Television, The Gotham Group and 3 Arts Entertainment got together to work on a new TV series coming up Disney + and taken from The Ring & The Crownthe fantasy novel by Melissa De La Cruzbestselling author, which came out in April 2014. The TV series will be written by Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg and it is already under development precisely because we want to speed up times and bring it to the stage as soon as possible. Obviously we are in the Arthurian world where magic is at home. The protagonist is Marie Victoriaprincess and heir of the most powerful empire in the world together with Aelwyn Myrddyn his dear friend and daughter of Merlin who was forced to serve the crown. Despite their different backgrounds, the two girls managed to keep their friendship very strong. And while all the noble families of the world gather a London to flaunt their wealth and magic during the season’s lavish events and annual festivities, the two girls play their game and try to secure political power, their future and true love. At the moment we don’t know who will be part of the cast of The Ring & The Crown and not even when the TV series hits the small screen. We can assume that it will be for the beginning of next year or, at the latest, for the middle of the year, but for the moment it is all a question mark. In the meantime, however, Melissa De La Cruz she said she was very happy with this decision:

The Ring & The Crown book

“I’m so, so, so excited to be partnering with Disney once again. The Ring & The Crown is one of my best novels, it was inspired by my all-time favorite book, Tolstoy’s War and Peace, as well as my all-time favorite mythology, the Arthurian legends. I can’t wait to see it come to life from such a stellar team, studio and streaming service ”.

For their part, too Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg they are happy and added that:

“We are thrilled to be reunited with Charlie Andrews, Reena Singh and 20th Television. Their vision, combined with The Gotham Group’s passion and experience, provide the perfect ingredients to create a romantic, action-packed and supernatural soap with seasons and seasons of storytelling. We couldn’t be more excited to take part in the making of this rich universe ”.

The news of the tv series on The Ring & The Crown comes directly from Deadline and has been enthusiastically received by the public who are increasingly loving the fantasy genre.

And have you had the opportunity to read the best seller The Ring & The Crown? Will you be following the upcoming TV series on Disney +? We look forward to seeing you in the comments!

The Ring & The Crown from book to TV series: the novelty of Disney +