The Sandman: The truth behind Mazikeen and his relationship with Lucifer as a right

Since the arrival of Mazikeen, viewers of The Sandman series realize that she is the right hand of Lucifer, who plays a very important role and fans have been wondering who she really is and what actress plays her.

The debut of the series The Sandman on August 5, 2022, caused a great sensation on the platform of Netflix. Based on Neil Gaiman’s comics, they are filled with surreal and awe-inspiring creatures at the center of the supernatural worlds they inhabit, adapting amazing otherworldly character design for viewers. Mazikeen (performed by Cassie Clare) is one of those characters and everyone is interested in knowing who she really is.

The Sandman: Is Lucifer’s right-hand man, Mazikeen, trustworthy?

Mazikeen appears to be an ordinary human woman, but the flesh on the left side of her face appears to have completely rotted away, exposing bone and sinew. Despite her unique appearance, she gets very little screen time compared to the many other supernatural beings introduced to viewers throughout the series. Although it was very short, it establishes great importance.

The Sandman Mazikeen is first introduced in episode 4, “A Hope in Hell”. Where Dream (Tom Sturridge) and Matthew (patton oswalt) go to Hell in search of Dream’s helmet. When she meets Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie), Mazikeen is with them in the throne room, though she remains discreetly hidden in the shadows. However, Dream notices her presence and immediately greets her as “Lilim’s Mazikeen” after Lucifer’s greeting. Lucifer never addresses Dream as “I” when she speaks to him, she always says “we”.

Though this scene may be a case of Lucifer using the actual “we” and addressing himself in the plural as ruler. However, when he talks to Mazikeen in the final scene of the first season, he refers to himself as “me”. Therefore, it seems that he does not address himself in the real “we”. Which means that the Mazikeen from The Sandman and the Mazikeen from the Lucifer series are based on the same character, even though the two shows are not connected to each other.

The Sandman: Mazikeen is played by actress Cassie Clare

But the reality is that the actress Cassie Clare has managed to show a great performance as Mazikeen in the series The Sandman. Although he had brief appearances, it seems that the second season of the Netflix show is going to delve a little deeper into the history of this character, because he seems to be hiding a big secret from Lucifer.

Cassie Clare was born in London and started dancing and singing at a young age. In her teens she entered the National Youth Theater and performed at the Soho Theater in the play 20 Cigarettes. She has previously acted in musicals, plays and films in the West End. She has also worked as a model in fashion campaigns. However, with the recognition of her in The Sandmanits popularity is beginning to increase.

The Sandman: The truth behind Mazikeen and his relationship with Lucifer as a right-hand man