“The theater is open!”: a rich program of shows at the Novafeltria Theater

“Reopening a theater is like opening a garden, in the center of which is a large tree. The roots of the theater are as old as humanity: rituals, celebrations, games. […] “Letting a beautiful and ancient theater be inhabited by artists means investing in those who put care, love and patience into their practice. It means trusting that this can reverberate outside, bringing beauty, thought and relief. May it again attract people to go out and into the garden theatre. And generate the amazement of being together again.”

So declare the artistic directors Luca Serrani and Isadora Angelini – who accompanied by their collaborators, regarding the artistic and cultural project for the Social Theater of Novafeltriawhich through The Theater is open! will return to crowd the spaces of the eighteenth-century structure.

The first guest artists of the Teatro Giardino are Let’s Revolution!, Daniel and Donatello Angelini, Claudius Gasparotto, Denis Campitelli, Angela Antonini, Dorin Mihai, Antonio Ramberti, Francesco Pennacchia.

It starts on Friday 3 February with seven subscription titles. At 21:00, two great actresses and authors will tread the stage who arrive in the inland town immediately after their debut at the Arena del sole in Bologna: Elena Bucci and Angela Malfitano with By Magic. However, the show was born within a larger project “Women’s bodies. Social body. A long history of interactions”.

By Magic
Dramatic elaboration by Elena Bucci with Angela Malfitano
with Elena Bucci and Angela Malfitano
from an idea by Angela Malfitano
directed by Elena Bucci
lighting designer Loredana Oddone
I play Franco Naddei

Angela Malfitano and Elena Bucci have always sought the voice of original and disconcerting female figures, both famous and completely unknown. Now they decide to do it together: they set off on a journey through time and space, playing a game where the encounters multiply and it is no longer possible to distinguish between joke and dream, magic and reality.

Saturday 25 February (21:00)

Macbeth_The last look by William Shakespeare with Luke Stetur

Sound interventions Alessandro Sesana production
Executives for the show company directed by Claudio Morganti

“Luca Stetur is not a simple character, he is all a scenic text that walks on stage”. Extraordinary actor capable of gliding lightly and comically on the great themes of life, he brings to the stage a Macbeth like you’ve never seen it before. accompanied by live music by Alessandro Sesana. The show starts from the end, from the head of the finally defeated tyrant who rolls over to review the supernatural story of Shakespeare. Heaven is earth and earth is heaven. The beautiful is ugly and the ugly is beautiful. That’s how it starts, with a crown, a light bulb, pajamas.

Monday 27 February (11.00 am)

William Shakespeare from theatrical to radio language
Meeting with high school students with Luca Stetur: listening to the radio play taken from Macbeth_The last look and reading of some parts of the show.

Saturday 4th March (21:00)

Better was Cassius Clay

Black comedy by Rita Frongia, one of the most interesting playwrights on the contemporary scene, companion of Claudo Morganti, collaborates with Armunia Festival and in the new advanced training project of Ert directed by Michela Lucenti.
On stage Angela Antonini, Gianluca Balducci and Stefano Vercelli, in an Artisti Drama production with the support of the Mic.

In the scenic space designed by the lights of Fausto Bonvini, an ex-Apulian, an ex-actress, a character who doesn’t speak. A birthday party. A mysterious atmosphere imbued with comedy. Issue after issue, the atmosphere changes, but the ending cannot be revealed. Finale that from the comedy reveals something of our present.

Following Listening to the radio play Sunglasses. We invite the audience to an experiment which is in fact a sort of “second act” of the show: A man enters the theater to watch a show by title Cassius Clay was better.
He is the only spectator in the room. While the show is in progress, the thoughts and moods of the viewer emerge. After listening to the radio, meeting with the company and the playwright Rita Frongia.

Saturday 18 March (21:00)

My brilliant friend comic
Recital taken from the Graphic Novel by Mara Cerri and Chiara Lagani (Coconino/Fandango) on The brilliant friend by Elena Ferrante (E/O Editions) by and with Chiara Lagani animated drawings by Mara Cerri, direction, video, music by Luigi De Angelis
sound care and technical supervision Vincenzo Scorza an E Production / Fanny & Alexander production

The story, based on the comic book by Mara Cerri and Chiara Lagani about their brilliant friend, is that of the friendship between two women and follows step by step their individual growth, the way they influence each other, the feelings, the conditions of distance and proximity that they nurture their relationship over the decades. In the background is the chorus of a city/world torn apart by the contradictions of the past, present and future whose ferocious boundaries are still struggling to clearly delineate.

Chiara Lagani recites Elena Ferrante’s texts on stage in the reduction she made of them for the comic composed together with Mara Cerri. Behind her run the animated drawings taken from the book, to give body and face to the moments evoked by the words of the story.
Following dialogue with Mara Cerri and Chiara Lagani.

Wednesday 22 March (21:00)

Performance for World Poetry Day, Divine
Show with projections by and with Danio Manfredini, drawings by Danio Manfredini
La Corte Ospitale production

On the occasion of World Poetry Day, a work by Danio Manfredini, actor – author – poet of the Italian theater (four times Ubu award, Lo Straniero award) capable of bringing the courage of fragility to the stage. A show where the voice becomes the instrument of the inner world of the characters he himself painted with the style of a cinematographic storyboard. An opportunity for the public to meet a great master of scenic art. The text starts from the novel Our Lady of the Flowers by Jean Genet, a source of inspiration for Danio Manfredini: “I met cities, people, I intertwined with them, often ending up saying: okay, that’s enough for today, I’ll close the door, I’ve had enough. Then came the time to open the pages of that book and find the lyrical, poetic words to superimpose on a reality encountered, too crude, too naked, to be seen as it is”.

Thursday 6 April (21:00)

Felicità for Dummies
by and with Roberto Mercadini

The famous Romagna author with a monologue that uses the metaphor and the shape of the tree to talk about happiness as Mercadini writes: “The trunk is an original but very solid definition of happiness, a meaning of the word rooted in the etymology: happy comes from felix, a term that in Latin indicated, for example, a very fruitful tree. Four discourses branch off from this massive stock: on bearing fruit, on the perfect shape, on raising branches and sinking roots, on contacting other trees. Each discourse in turn branches into two stories. Thus we meet a mathematician, an artist, an athlete, an orator, a gardener, an astronomer, a genius, a poet”. The audience will be carried away by a moving and comic narration. And, at the same time, from an impetuous oration on the meaning of life.

Sunday 16th April (5.00 pm)

A meeting (non-subscription) with two works of poetry and photography in an evening divided into two parts. The enchantment of art Screening and meeting with the authors Elisabetta Zavoli and Stefania Prandi.

Presentation of the photographic project realized with the collaboration of the National Geographic Society (Emergency Journalist Fund). At the center of the reportage, with portraits and interviews with male and female artists, the transformative capacity of art in times of difficulty. With projections of the photos and the short film. After the break at 6.30pm Songs of an abandoned place reading by Azzurra D’Agostino with music by maestro Andrea Biagioli. A journey through time through the encounter with the remains. Remains of houses, residues of wells, roofs, details of a disappeared humanity. The poem “Songs of an abandoned place” comes from listening to the voices of a people and a culture that no longer exists, what we come from. It talks about us and our relationship with the world starting from the traces of the past, which are always seeds of the future and of a time greater than a single life.

Sunday 23rd April (21:00)

Season finale with an outdoor show, suitable for audiences of all ages: The historic street art theater company Teatro Due Mondi invites the public to move around the garden of the Library to Rossini flambéed: a show for adults and children that tells of Italy, its flavors and its sounds, which brings out the passion for life and its pleasures as a characteristic trait of our popular culture.

Rossini Flambe. Comic opera in the kitchen.
directed by Alberto Grilli, with Federica Belmessieri, Tanja Horstmann, Angela Pezzi, Maria Regosa, Renato Valmori, lyrics by Gigi Bertoni, original music and musical direction by Antonella Talamonti
sets and costumes Maria Donata Papadia, Angela Pezzi, Loretta Ingannato, lights Marcello D’Agostino
Teatro Due Mondi production

Thinking of the kitchen as a place of conviviality par excellence and of theater and music as spaces for sharing stories and emotions. There is therefore joy in seasoning each scene of the show with laughter and wonder. Starting from the sounds of opera buffa, Antonella Talamonti, Giovanna Marini’s historical collaborator, has composed original music and arrangements for this work that alternate with Rossini’s most famous Overtures and which tell of passions and contrasts in the kitchen.

“The theater is open!”: a rich program of shows at the Novafeltria Theater