The Vampire Diaries: How Brothers Daemon and Stefan Salvatore Made Their Fortune

The Vampire Diaries, during its 8 seasons on The CW, always showed Damon and Stefan Salvatore surrounded by luxury. The supernatural brothers didn’t work, but they lived in a mansion and drove expensive cars, leading fans to wonder how they got their fortune.

The Vampire Diaries came to an end in 2017 after 8 seasons on the air through the broadcast network The CW. It was the series that spawned the successful franchise of the same name that inspired two spin-off dramas, TheOriginals Y legacies. The show, created by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, followed Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), the supernatural brothers who had a love in common, that of Elena Gilbert, one of the main characters played by Nina Dobrev.

In The Vampire Diaries, the Salvatore brothers lived in luxury

Throughout their screen career, many fans of The Vampire Diaries questioned the fact that the Salvatore brothers lived in luxury. They kept vampirizing and sometimes fighting other supernatural threats when they weren’t enjoying the good stuff. But, they were never seen working. This led them to wonder how they got their wealth.

In The CW series, Damon and Stefan lived in a mansion and used to drive luxurious cars and dress impeccably. In the 8 installments of the drama, they never showed signs of having financial problems. And while it was never clear where the money came from to keep what they had, some fans put forth various ideas about how they got rich.

The Vampire Diaries never fully explored the financial situation of the Salvatore brothers. But, fans should remember when in the 16th episode of the third season, titled “1912”, the series revealed that Damon and Stefan’s family owned various businesses, including the most profitable sawmill in the area. This could have been the unspoken way of explaining the origin of his wealth.

The Salvatore brothers’ fortune in The Vampire Diaries could have been inherited from their family

It is likely that after their decades of existence Damon and Stefan have inherited the heritage of their ancestors. According to history, the town of Mystic Falls was built primarily with lumber from the Salvatore family’s business, so they must have made a huge profit from the construction.

Some fans believe that Damon and Stefan smartly made large investments to increase their finances. While others think that as supernatural beings they used compulsion to get what they needed. Although the series never showed them working to earn money, the story tells that Stefan fought in World War II, was an ambulance driver and became a car mechanic.

“If you live as long as them, I imagine you’ll learn how to make money, especially in the 20th century when things like the stock market took off,” said a fan on Reddit.

“You have to take advantage of all those years in some way, imagine being a Vampire and investing in Google or Apple. That would be good. With the years of life would come a vast knowledge of things, I imagine,” commented another

“I mean, you live hundreds of years, you can force what you want, you inherit your own things (for example, a huge house that has been passed down from generation to generation and would now be worth millions),” added another. “You accumulate what you want, you steal what you want.”

The Vampire Diaries: How Brothers Daemon and Stefan Salvatore Made Their Fortune