The Winchesters


The Winchesters is a US TV series spin-off and prequel to the successful supernatural drama Supernatural. Created by the veteran of Supernatural Robbie Thompson and produced among others by the star of the latter Jensen Acklesalso one of the guest stars and narrator in the original version, the series tells the epic and in many respects unknown story of how John and Mary Winchester, future parents of Dean and Sam, met and fell in love, and how they both put everything is at stake to save not only their feelings but the whole world.
When John (Drake Rodger) returns home from Vietnam, a mysterious encounter triggers a mission to retrace his father’s past. During his journey, John meets Mary (Meg Donnelly, American Housewife), a 19-year-old demon hunter, also looking for answers after her father’s disappearance. Together, the two join forces with young huntress-in-training Latika (Nida Khurshid, For the People) and the accommodating hunter Carlos (Jonathan Fleites) to uncover hidden truths about their families.
The investigation takes them to a rare book emporium, whose owner, Ada Monroe (Demetria McKinney, Motherland: Fort Salem), is interested in the occult and could provide them with the missing pieces of the puzzle. But the secrets are very deep, for both the Winchesters and the Campbells, and despite the efforts of John’s mother, Millie (Bianca Kajlich, The rules of love), to persuade his son from pursuing a dangerous life of demon hunting, he and Mary are determined to work together to support their families’ legacy as they begin to form a family of their own.


The Winchesters is the third live-action spin-off of Supernatural and follows Bloodlines And Wayward Sisters, never got beyond the pilot episode. Also a prequel, the series follows John Winchester and Mary Campbell, the future parents of Dean and Sam Winchester, at the time of their first meeting in the 1970s. It is executive produced by the star of Supernatural Jensen Ackles, also narrator in the original version. Ackles himself occasionally reprises the role of Dean Winchester in the first episode. The production team also includes Danneel Ackles, wife of Jensen (who appeared in Supernatural as Anael), and creator Robbie Thompson, who wrote numerous episodes of the main series.

The announcement of The Winchesters was accompanied by a controversy involving former Jensen Ackles co-star in Supernatural, Jared Padalecki, apparently not informed of the project. “I would have preferred to know differently from Twitter“, the actor had written. The two then cleared up, with Padalecki telling al Times: “I tweeted because I wanted to let people know that I wasn’t hiding a secret from them but that I was simply in the dark. But it’s hard to tweet with the specific tone of a message. I should be mature enough to know, before expecting that. people understand. If you write something online, people think ‘Hey, he doesn’t know. They’re going to kill each other! The world is ending!’. And I wanted to avoid that. “

Several actors of Supernatural appear in The Winchesters, taking up their respective roles. In addition to Ackles, the series also starred Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester) and Richard Speight Jr. (Loki).

The series was shot primarily in New Orleans and the surrounding area.

The Winchesters – TV Series (2022)