Top 10 movies and TV shows to watch with actor Jensen Ackles

You may have known Jensen Ackles from shows like Supernatural, but did you know he’s done movies too?

The actor Jensen Ackles is one of the favorite actors of the French and, however, few people know that he has played in many series and in many films. Currently aged 44 years, the latter is however visible in a multitude of cinematographic works, but also televised. Here is his complete filmography. 10 movies and series with Jensen Ackles among the best and a small bonus at the end of the article with all his appearances!

10. Films with Jensen Ackles: Valentine’s Day Murders

Although Jensen Ackles is best known for the shows he starred in, the actor has also starred in movies. And especially in Valentine’s Day murders, one of his first films. He plays the main role, Tom Hanniger.

This is a good horror movie that is actually a remake of the eponymous movie released in 1981. 10 years later the facts of the first film, the character of Tom Hanniger returns to the small town of Harmony, so 10 years after the murders initiated by former miner Harry Warden. Returning to sell his father’s mine, then deceased, Tom falls back into horror when he discovers that new victims killed with a pickaxe have been discovered. Except Harry is supposed to be dead, so who is behind these murders? One of the films in which Jensen Ackles excels!

9. The actor starred in the Dawson series too

Did you know ? Jensen Ackles also had a role in the Dawson series. From 2002 to 2003he played CJ’s character during season 6! As a reminder, the series tells the story of Dawson Leery, a 15-year-old teenager who lives in the small town of Capeside.

His only dream: to become a director. But he clashes with his own generation, putting a spoke in his wheels. Like Skins, the series talks about teenagers and their failings, various themes such as drugs, alcohol, love, sexuality. Jensen Ackles stars in the very last season.

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8. Movies with Jensen Ackles: Game of the Damned

Jensen Ackles has acted in very few films, but among them there is the fabulous game of the damned. Summary : “Jake Gray discovers a satanic game on the internet. When his friends are tortured to death according to his visions, he decides to find the creator of the game for an explanation. »

He plays the main role, Jake Gray!

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7. Did you know he played in Smallville?

Clark Kent and Lex Luthor been in contact with Jensen Ackles all this time and no one under warned? And yet, it is true. The actor did make an appearance on the iconic 2000s series Smallville. He plays the role of Jason Teague for one season, it is the football coach of season 4. A small role suddenly in this series on the history of Superman.

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6. Other films with Jensen Ackles: Buddy Games

Among the other films in which we find Jensen Ackles, there is also Buddy Games. Released in 2019, here is the summary of the film: “Each year, Bob and his friends take part in the Buddy Games, a series of trials they participate in to become closer. »

A comedy film in which the actor plays the role of Jack Durfy, a secondary role.

5. Jensen Ackles stars in The Boys series

You know the series The Boys ? broadcast on Prime Video, the series has been around since 2019 and is still in production. We therefore find Jensen Ackles in the role of Ben / Le petit Soldat in season 3.

Summary of the series which is also worth watching, even without the presence of Jensen:

“Hughie Campbell joins the “Boys” shortly after A-Train, a member of the superhero group “The Seven”, accidentally kills his girlfriend Robin. For her part, the young heroine Annie January, nicknamed Stella (Starlight in VO), joins the Seven. Coming from a small town, the young woman is full of hope but will have to face the terrible truth about those whom she she admired so much. Stella will in particular become disillusioned by rubbing shoulders with the leader of the Seven, “The Protector” (Homelander in VO). The other members of the Seven are the disillusioned Queen Maeve, the drug addict A-Train, the unhinged fish-man (in the original The Deep), the invisible Translucent, and the mysterious Black Noir. Later, the supremacist Stormfront would join the group and become an essential member. Madelyn Stillwell, Vought executive, oversees the Seven”.

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4. Films with Jensen Ackles: Batman: The Long Halloween

One of the films in which we also find Jensen Ackles, there is also Batman: The Long Halloween. He just plays it Batman (voice). Here is the summary of the animated film: “Gotham City is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. The Falcone family reigns supreme and the city is plagued by crime, violence and corruption. In addition, a mysterious killer nicknamed Holiday goes after the underworld and leaves behind many corpses. Batman will then join forces with Captain James Gordon and prosecutor Harvey Dent to stem this wave of violence. »

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3. The Supernatural series, of course!

How not to talk about Supernatural? The series rightly made known to all Jensen Ackles. In this show, he plays Dean Winchester, the main character with his brother Sam Winchester played by Jared Padalecki. Armed with his legendary humor, the actor has become a true member of the Supernatural family. For good reason, the series lasted from 2005 to 2020just that.

The story of the series focuses on the life of two brothers Americans who lost their mother and whose father is a hunter of supernatural creatures. In a world where demons, angels or even tulpas, wendigos, exist, the two brothers travel the USA aboard their famous car, an Impalalooking for creatures that plague the land.

A series sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, but which necessarily arouses emotions. In addition to being well-made, well-written, and addictive, Supernatural is a series that has been carefully crafted by the directors. According to them, they called on many supernatural experts, but also priests of the different existing religions. And this, in order to make the series as realistic as possible and as fair as possible according to beliefs.

2. Supernatural: The Animation, an anime based on the Supernatural universe

Always on the line of the Supernatural series, the latter has so many fans in the world that it was necessary to make the pleasure last. That’s why there is an animated series on Supernatural. It’s about a Japanese anime series in 22 episodes of 20 minutes in which Jensen Ackles lends his voice during a few episodes.

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1. But also, Jensen Ackles directed episodes of Supernatural!

We clearly couldn’t put the actor’s other top 1 appearances aside from Supernatural. So we had to mention something remarkable. Jensen Ackles directed some Supernatural episodes himself.

The episodes in question are:

  • The Lamia (Season 6 – Episode 4)
  • Young love (Season 7 – Episode 3)
  • The Heart-Snatcher (Season 8 – Episode 3)
  • Shock treatment (Season 10 – Episode 3)
  • hungry (Season 11 – Episode 3)

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Other appearances of Jensen Ackles in movies, series, video games

  • 1995: Wishbone : Michael Duss
  • 1996 – 1997: mr rhodes : Malcolm
  • 1996: Sweet Valley High : Brad
  • 1997 : Cybill : David
  • 1998 – 2000: Days and lives (Days of our Lives): Eric Roman Brady
  • 2001 – 2002: DarkAngel : Alec McDowell (X5-494) and Ben (X5-493)
  • 2001: Blonde hair : Eddie G.
  • 2003 – 2004: Still Life : Max Morgan
  • 2004 : The Plight of Clownana by Chris Dowling: Jensen
  • 2007: Ten Inch Hero by David MacKay: Priestly
  • 2010: Tron: Evolution : Gibson
  • 2010: The 3rd Birthday : Kyle Madigan
  • 2010: Tron Evolution: Battle Grids : Gibson
  • 2015 : The Hillywood Show : A dancer
  • 2017: Kings of Con : Justin Angles
  • Musics : in 2019: Vol. 1 from Radio Company and in 2021: Vol. 2 from Radio Company
  • 2022: BigSky : Beau Arlen, the new sheriff (guest season 2×18, season 3)
  • 2022: The Winchesters : Dean Winchester

Top 10 movies and TV shows to watch with actor Jensen Ackles