• In this moving story, Otto (Tom Hanks) will find something he thought was lost. a grumpy neighbor comes to the big screen with the seal of Warranty Cinépolis ®

Mexico City, December 23, 2022.- Based on the Swedish novel A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. a grumpy neighbor comes to the rooms with Cinépolis Guarantee ® with one of the most moving stories of the year.

Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks), a man who has lost all motivation after the death of his wife, will find a friendship with his new neighbors that will lead him to a new way of seeing life.

The film was directed by renowned director Marc Forster, who has had hits like World War Z in 2013, in addition to other outstanding projects in his career, such as Quantum (2008) from the James Bond saga, and Christopher Robin (2018). The cast, for its part, is made up of the double Oscar winner® for best actor Tom Hanks as the embittered Otto, the Mexican Mariana Treviño, known for her participation in Mexican series and films, and the Mexican actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, star of the Lincoln Lawyer series and part of the cast of the film squad 6 (2019), among others, like your new neighbors who just moved in across the street.

Next, we share some reasons why you cannot miss a grumpy neighborwhich bears the seal of Cinépolis Guarantee ®.


Mexican actress Mariana Treviño is an important part of the cast when she plays Marisol, Otto’s new neighbor. In this heartwarming story, Marisol plays a charming and lively woman who, together with her husband, will bring joy to Otto’s life.

In recent years, Mariana has proven to be one of the most talented Mexican actresses with characters like Isabel Iglesias in Club de Cuervos and Jenny Quetzal in La casa de las flores, as well as the films How to cut your lout (2017) and perfect strangers (2018), among others. With her performances, Mariana has become a renowned actress and has made a name for herself in Hollywood.


For this cold season, nothing like a Christmas movie with a great message. a grumpy neighbor reminds us of the meaning of family and friendship. This is the kind of movie that feels like a warm hug and we want to see at Christmas time with our loved ones.


We remember him for movies like Forrest Gump (1995), Saving Private Ryan (1999) and Castaway (2001). In any of them, and in many others, his performances have been worthy of acclaim and awards. On this occasion, Hanks best embodies a lonely man who will go from negativity and moodiness to laughter and joy.

a grumpy neighbor It is a story that feels like real life. An older man, lonely and angry with the world, lives a flat, routine and colorless life after the death of his wife. Far from having a motivation in his life and thinking of ending it, Otto meets some new neighbors at the right time that will turn his life around.

You can see the trailer and more information in the following link.

Otto’s life will never be the same again, don’t miss out on this wonderful story




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