Vampire Academy 3. Blessed by Shadows


No one is safe.

It is spring at Saint Vladimir Academy and graduation is approaching. Having survived a traumatic event, Rose is not feeling well: she is unable to concentrate in class, she is assaulted by flashbacks in the middle of everyday tasks and has terrifying dreams about Lissa. The strange darkness that is taking over his mind seems like a warning that something terrible is about to happen..

But it is that, in addition, Rose she has an even bigger secret… she is in love with Dimitri. She knows that she is forbidden to fall in love with another guardian. Her best friend, Lissa (the last Dragomir princess), must always be her priority. Unfortunately, when it comes to handsome Dimitri Belikov, it seems some rules are meant to be broken.


“Blessed by Shadows” is the third part of vampire academy series (a best-selling saga that has sold more than eight million copies worldwide). Vampire mythology, dangers around every corner, battles to the death and an unbreakable friendship come together in this story where reason and duty must fight against the heart.

The first thing I should point out after finishing reading is that at no time Richelle Mead not only did he not lower his writing level, he took the license to improve it. I do nothing but amaze myself with each new title read by the narrative capacity of this author. Another, she would simply follow the plot, making her readers happy, but she does not, she tries and manages to overcome herself, because in a sublime way she knew how to find the
perfect balance between action and character development that not only evolve, but keep their personalities intact with the depths that these iconic characters carry.

Although we will go into a fast-paced gripping story packed with breathtaking moments, the beginning will feel a little slow. That’s because Richelle tells us again how that universe of vampires so special, so hers, began. The followers of the saga will remember the emotions experienced at the time and the new reader will have no trouble following the story. Of course, after this reminder the plot will advance rapidly. Like the previous ones, each beginning of the chapter is headed by a illustrationin black and white of the fence at the entrance of the academy.

In the second part, “Cold Blood”, we leave one of the main characters, Rose, experiencing devastating consequences, of course I will not reveal for those who are going to start the saga. Now, in the current volume,
Mead will show us in a very realistic way the different phases of mourning, with her words we will feel Rose’s pain, rage and impotence. But remember, dear reader, that we are in the San Vladimir Academy, there life goes on for dhampirs having to face spirits, a new discovery about their connection with Lissa, the temptation they feel for a certain coach, graduation, the moment lived by Rose and Dimitri, (you’re going to freak out), Lissa and Adrian in their spirit magic and a new threat from the Strigoi…

Lots of action, lots of events that are going to happen along with the magnificent totally unexpected script twists, protagonists always on the edge, battles for equality, class problems, an easy-to-understand political background is felt… In each series something devastating happens, prepare yourselves for what will happen in this part. Here is a bit of everything
suspense, love, terrifying situations, friendships, enemies, a truly captivating read in which there will be no shortage of moments of pure tensionMead’s unpredictability and his way of moving is wonderful, combining harsh scenes and dialogues that will make you smile. His way of writing is direct, to the point, he does not go around the bush, he wants to tell you something extraordinary and he does it.

You did not believe that being a youth is simple, far from it, there is a quality that many sagas already wanted, it can compete perfectly with other adult ones. Her characters know how to convey emotions, thus taking advantage of the author to not omit the difficult parts of her life, she left a narrative that is sometimes hard to read and another between funny and chilling, always moving in the relationship of friendship.

why the title “Blessed by Shadows”? Delve into its pages and you will know the answer.

Read it, enjoy it and then get ready to a heart-stopping ending.

Waiting for the fourth part? Of course.

Violet Lilac

Vampire Academy 3. Blessed by Shadows