Wednesday 2, release date, renewal, plot, trailer, cast and everything we know

Following Wednesday’s season 1 finale from Tim Burton, here’s everything we know about season 2 of Netflix’s Addams Family.

(*WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Wednesday’s first season!*)

The Addams Family series on Netflix opens up the possibility of a second season. Directed by Tim Burton, the first season, consisting of eight episodes, tells of Wednesday Addams sent to Nevermore Academy, a boarding school for “outcasts” with supernatural powers.

The first season is mainly focused on the protagonist’s adjustment in the new school and solving a murder mystery that has affected her parents Morticia and Gomez Addams 30 years earlier. Although the series focuses on the growth of Wednesday played by Jenna Ortega, the creepy members of the iconic Addams Family are still integral to the plot of the murders.

Wednesday Addams may have already solved season 1’s main mystery, unmasking Tyler as the Hyde monster and Miss Thornhill, aka Laurel Gates, as the vengeful outsider assassin, but the season 1 finale hints there’s still a story to tell. .

The ending makes sure to leave some burning questions unanswered and some loose ends, as Jenna Ortega’s goth character has already made some enemies during his investigation into the murders. It is therefore more than likely that Wednesday will discover more Addams Family secrets and investigate her new stalker in a new season.

Here’s everything we know about Wednesday’s second season, including the potential release date, plot, and cast.

Will we do the second season on Wednesday? What was said

Wednesday 2

The second season of Wednesday has been officially renewed by Netflix. The streaming platform does not usually grant new shows many seasons right away, but given the great success of the first season, it did not hesitate to announce the arrival of the second.

Also, since Wednesday wasn’t adapted from a book or movie that already has a multi-season plan, the series’ renewal status relied largely on the popularity of season 1 upon release, which has already broke many records, .

Netflix released a video to officially announce the second season renewal on Wednesday

Co-creator Alfred Gough, revealed that he has already discussed the prospect of a second season, as he believes that “There’s definitely more to explore in the Adams world.”

THEThe streaming service usually renews shows within three months of the first season, Therefore, an announcement was expected around February 2023, however, they wasted no time. If Tim Burton returns for Season 2, it will mark the first time since 1992’s Batman Returns that he’s directed a “sequel” to one of his projects.

Wednesday season 2 release date prediction

Wednesday 2

Although the time between seasons of Netflix original shows varies, the release date of the second season of Wednesday can be predicted based on the production timeline of the first season. Netflix officially announced the first season in February 2021, with filming starting in September 2021.

Since Wednesday debuted just over a year after filming began, even season 2 will likely take at least another year after its official renewal. However, Wednesday is a special case, as Addams Family content is typically meant for fall releases. For this reason, the release date of the second season may be around around November 2023 at the earliest, but could be delayed to an ominous winter debut.

How the finale sets up the story for season 2

Wednesday 2

Wednesday’s season 1 finale has a lot of loose ends that need another season to sort out, so the Addams Family TV series is more than likely returning for a second murder mystery. In the season 1 finale, the main character comes home for the summer vacation just to receive threatening messages from a mysterious number.

The messages include images of Wednesday talking to Tyler in the cafeteria and Xavier gifting her a new phone, with Wednesday speculating that he has his own evil stalker. The finale of the first season therefore outlines a mysterious enemy for the main character, suggesting that Joseph Crackstone’s plan to eliminate the outcasts is not quite finished.

The Season 1 ending sequence further reveals that Tyler can still transform into a Hyde, which hints that he will return to exact revenge on Morticia and Gomez’s daughter. Season 1 even hinted at one potential romance between 16-year-old Wednesday Addams and Xavier Thorpe, which could finally come to fruition in Season 2, now that Tyler has been caught.

Additionally, season 1 never gave a definitive answer on Bianca Barclay’s return to Nevermore Academy, with a second season presumably going to better explore her mother’s cult. Since Wednesday had a very successful year at Nevermore, it’s possible that season 2 will see his brother Pugsley Addams become a student.

Which cast members could return in season 2 on Wednesday

Most of the main cast from Season 1 may return for Season 2, including Jenna Ortega as Wednesday, Emma Myers as Enid, Percy Hynes White as Xavier, Joy Sunday as Bianca, and Moosa Mostafa as Eugene.

Wednesday 2

Since the fate of the character of Christina Ricci, Laurel Gates, has been left somewhat ambiguous, it’s unclear whether the ’90s Addams Family Wednesday actress will return. Among the actors who probably they won’t return in season 2 there is Gwendoline Christie, whose Larissa Weems character was killed off in the finale. The second season of will undoubtedly see the return of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Isaac Ordonez and Fred Armisen, who play Morticia, Gomez, Pugsley and Fester Addams, respectively.

Wednesday 2, release date, renewal, plot, trailer, cast and everything we know