Wednesday’s Emma Myers told us about her role as Enid

wednesday (either merlin) is perhaps one of the most anticipated series of this 2022, not only because the world loves the Addams family, but because it is a reboot made by Tim Burton and because it brought new characters, like Enid, played by Emma Myers.

We had the opportunity to talk with the actress about this netflix projecther career as an actress and what it means to be the happiest character in a world where almost everything is doom and gloom.

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What Emma Myers told us about wednesday

You started acting from a very young age, how did you decide that you wanted to have this profession?

I did a lot of commercials and voice acting as a child, but until 4 years ago, when I was 16, I started doing more film and television work. I grew up watching the behind the scenes of The Lord of the Rings and I thought that I really wanted to work in something like that, so when I turned 16 I decided that I wanted to be an actress full time. It has been quite a journey.

I love fantasy and this is the first project with supernatural elements that I have been able to do, it is very exciting.

Tell us about Enid

It took like 4 months of auditions to get the role, I auditioned in February 2021, then again in March and until June they told me I already had it, so it was a very long process.

Enid is Wednesday’s best friend and she’s a werewolf, but she’s a late bloomers: Although it is very powerful, it still does not have all its capabilities. I have never played a character like her before, I tend to play darker or low energy roles so it was a challenge to bring someone with as much energy as her to life, but I love her so much and loved being her for 7 months. Enid is the sunshine in a darker world and she is often the comic element of the scenes she is in.

Like Enid, I come from a big family (I have an older sister and two younger ones) and we both like K-pop, plus we’re both optimists.

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How well did you know the Addams Family and why do you think they are such popular characters?

As a child I watched the 90s movies with my aunt, but I didn’t know the previous series or that it was a comic, so when I got the role I watched everything, because I wanted to familiarize myself with this universe.

They are a very attractive family and although they are not at all traditional or a classic nuclear family, Gomez and Morticia are the standard of love, they are devoted to each other. And their family dynamic is very fun, they put you in their world, and that’s why we never get tired of seeing new versions.

And how was your relationship with Jenna Ortega and the cast?

It was amazing, we got along really well. I was nervous because we were all going to work together for 7 months and it was important to have a good relationship, and I had never filmed with people my age either, I loved it and we all became very good friends.

This show has a very cool image, tell us about the process of deciding how your character was going to look and dress

It’s very specific. Tim got very involved in what the school uniform was going to look like. For Enid’s wardrobe they let me be very involved, and she has many looks, I think I had the biggest wardrobe of the entire cast.

I did a Pinterest board and give my opinion on what I thought would look good on her, and it was really fun because she has a lot of clothes.

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And what was it like collaborating with Tim Burton?

He is amazing, I have never worked with a director who is so flexible with the actors. On set, he would let me and Jenna do the scene and then he would set the cameras based on what we were doing, when normally the director puts you where he wants. I loved having that creative freedom.

And if you had opinions on the dialogue or whatever, he would always listen to us and try anything. He is a director who pays attention to the smallest details and that makes the difference.

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Wednesday’s Emma Myers told us about her role as Enid