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Stephen King He is one of the authors most adapted to film and television. Much can be said about his work, but there is no doubt that it has helped several directors find a special vision in the terror and horror genre. The writer has tons of incredibly interesting monsters and characters, but Pennywise is perhaps the best known. The terrifying clown who harasses children was successfully played by Tim Curry in the miniseries It’s – 67%and by Bill Skarsgård in It (That) – 85% and It: Chapter Two – 80%. The new adaptation was a complete success and a prequel series was quickly approved. After much waiting, we finally have some progress on this other project, including who will be the showrunners and how much will be involved. Andy Muschietti.

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King’s novel is very extensive and covers several years in the town of Derry, where the creature we all know as Pennywise lives in the sewers and infects the entire population with fear. In reality, this clown is just one of many forms taken by a very Lovecraftian interdimensional creature that feeds on people who know better when they are afraid. Since it is easier to scare a child and promote the indifference of adults, this monster looks for little ones to prepare its feast. Although It must take a break every few years, its metaphorical poison remains active while it sleeps and creates a perfect context for other crimes that have nothing to do with the supernatural.

We are all already familiar with the members of the Losers Club, or Lucky 7 as they were named in the miniseries, who have their own secrets and human traumas that make them more vulnerable to Pennywise, but they are not limited to their existence or the fact to finally defeat him. However, King’s book deals with many other stories that simply cannot be adapted to the big screen due to lack of time and that are an important part for fans who know the text by heart.

After the success of It: Chapter TwoWarner wanted to find a way to continue exploiting this story, so rumors began about a prequel starring Bill Skarsgård which would explain the origins of It and why it takes the form of a human clown. In the same way, there was talk of another prequel, now as a series, which would tell all those gaps that the film left but that are detailed in the novel. The production company gave the green light to this latest project, but without precise news, many believed that it had already been forgotten.

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Variety confirm that the series Welcome to Derry, officially announced last March, is still on HBO Max and they have already taken an important step for its production by choosing its showrunners. The news reveals that Jason Fuchs Y Brad Kane will be in charge of the series developing the story and also working as producers with Andy and Barbara Muschietti , who also produced the recent films. For now, nothing is known about the plot, but because of the title, some fans hope to see the adaptation of other terrifying moments from the novel, as well as original stories that add to this canon.

Fuchs is best known for writing Wonder Woman – blank92% Y Peter Pan – 27%; while Kane has worked on series like Fringe, Black Sails, warrior- 80%, Tokyo Vice- blank85% Y moonhaven- 80%. Some time ago it became known that Fuchs had already finished the first episode and it seems that he was gladly approved, because now he is also in charge of the entire project. He worked on this first chapter with the Muschiettis and it seems to be an original story. If his schedule allows it, Andy Muschietti could return to this world to direct the pilot episode, which would serve to unify the style of the series with that of the movies.

With everything and the changes, It (That) was very well received by the fans, who found a more direct way to connect with the protagonists growing up in the eighties than in the fifties, which is how it happens in the novel of Stephen King. Part of the charm was seeing the youth cast made up of Jaeden Martell, finn wolfhard, sophia lillis, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer Y Wyatt Olef. Secondly, It: Chapter Two was not as loved by critics and the public despite having important names like Jessica Chastain , bill hader Y James McAvoy, especially for its third act. Despite this, the films together represented a multi-million dollar success for Warner, a company that is now very dedicated to exploiting its franchises in every way possible.

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Welcome to Derry, IT prequel series, already has showrunners and Andy Muschietti returns to this project | tomatoes