What are the best films to watch on Canal+?

Encanto, The French Dispatch, cruella… The Canal+ catalog never ceases to be enriched with recent, high-quality releases. If you are a little lost in the huge offer of the French platform, here is our selection of the 8 best films currently available via your subscription.

Notice to film buffs: Canal+ is a real gold mine for those who have missed the films shown in recent months. Since February 2022, the channel has indeed benefited from a more than advantageous media chronology, with access to feature films 6 months after their release. Faced with other SVOD platforms, which are rather limited to a minimum of 15 months, Canal+ therefore has no shortage of arguments to seduce lovers of the seventh art.

The French platform can thus boast of having a very rich series and especially cinema catalog, with films like Matrix Resurrections Where Dying can wait, which recently joined the Canal+ offer. Among these highly diverse proposals, we have selected for you the 8 best films currently available with your subscription. Between science fiction, Disney cartoons, robot duels and gay romances, you should find your happiness in this wide choice. And if you prefer to watch a series, here is our selection of the best series on Canal+.

Encantothe latest colorful Disney

Enter the fantastic Madrigal family, happy Colombian siblings who live in a magical house. And there is nothing ordinary about the members of this super family: there is Luisa, with superhuman strength, Isabela, with flowery shows, Dolores with supernatural hearing or Julieta, with small therapeutic dishes. In the midst of these exceptional personalities, there is above all Mirabel, a young teenager without magic power. But when the house is in danger, our heroine will do everything to save her family.

The latest film from Disney studios is a nugget of good humor and catchy rhythms. The story, simple at first glance, actually reveals an intelligent narration and original characters. For once, romance and initiatory journey are not there, and it feels great to see Disney exploring new horizons. And the songs, composed by the brilliant Lin-Manuel Miranda (hamilton), will stick with you for a long time, believe us. But don’t forget: don’t talk about Bruno…

Moonlightthe magnificent quest for identity

Released in 2016, Moonlight caused a stir when it won the Best Picture Oscar the following year. This intimate drama, which revealed its director, Barry Jenkins, adapts Tarell Alvin McCraney’s play with great sensitivity. The story focuses on Chiron, an African American from Miami, during three distinct periods of his life. We see him evolve at the age of 10, then at 16 and finally in his twenties.

Moonlight recounts his fight against school bullying and his own family to affirm his homosexuality. The film develops a story that is as sensitive as it is essential, a magnificent story of love, but also of a quest for identity, against all odds. Moonlight is a marvel, a film that shows the importance of representation on screen, carried by a staging of immense beauty.

The Last Duelfeminist medieval combat

If you want a Game Of Thrones Where House of the Dragon really denouncing sexual violence, but without the sexist vision, you have come to the right place. The Last Duel takes place in 1386, in Normandy, when the knight Jean de Carrouges returns from a trip to Paris and finds his wife, Marguerite de Thibouville. She then confides to her husband that during his absence, the squire Jacques le Gris raped her at their home. A duel is organized between the two men, to determine whether or not the young woman is telling the truth.

The film, directed by Ridley Scott (Thelma and Louise, Alien), is divided into three parts, three flashbacks which led to the duel and which reveal the truth of each of the protagonists. Thanks to this narrative divided into multiple points of view, The Last Duel manages to develop a feminist approach, brilliantly demonstrating how men lie and persist in putting their ego before respect for others. The Matt Damon Trio (Infiltrators), Adam Driver (Star Wars) and especially Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) works wonderfully, offering them magnificent roles. And if you watch it in the original version, you can hear the actors say “Jacques Le Gris” and “Jean de Carrouges” with their magnificent English accent: I promise, it’s worth it.

cruellathe woman behind the villain

She surely terrified you during your childhood with her two-tone hair and her long coat: cruella returns, 60 years after the release of the cartoon 101 Dalmatians, to tell you about his disastrous past. And it is a huge success. If we could fear that Disney would smooth the story of this iconic villain of animation too much, the result is ultimately very convincing. cruellawhich takes us on a journey through 1970s London, is even an astonishing punk and gothic odyssey.

Through this prequel, we meet Estella Miller, an orphan and talented hustler, who dreams of a career in the highly prized world of fashion. When she gets noticed by the mythical Baroness von Hellmann, the queen of style, her life will change profoundly… cruella is above all a tasty duel between two big names: Emma Stone (La La Land) and Emma Thomson (Harry Potter), both at the top of their game. We discover with pleasure the eccentric and dark past of this wicked woman with a Dalmatian coat, with this singular film which will amaze you.

The Eventthe important abortion drama

The only French film in our selection is also one of the most captivating and important feature films in the Canal+ catalogue. Directed by Audrey Diwan, The Event is an adaptation of the cult autobiographical novel by author Annie Ernaux. The feature film takes us back to the heart of the 1960s, in France, alongside Anne, a brilliant literature student from a modest background. At a time when contraception and abortion are illegal, she becomes pregnant.

Carried by the incredible actress Anamaria Vartolomei, the film will clearly not leave you indifferent. And at a time when abortion is constantly questioned or monitored, The Event seems to be unavoidable in order not to forget that women’s rights are never fully acquired. An intimate and moving dive, which will make you want to make the revolution (and we will do it with you).

The French Dispatchthe collection of incredible stories

The films of Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel) are always cinephile events, eagerly awaited. The latest, The French Dispatch, was no exception to the rule. We strongly advise you to discover this improbable story, in the still unique universe of the filmmaker, at the heart of the journalistic milieu. The film is a mix of three stories, mixing the wacky, the tragic or the black and white sequences in a festival of incredible revelations.

Wes Anderson finds some of his favorite actors like Tilda Swinton (Snowpiercer) or Bill Murray (ghostbusters), but also adds new strings to its prestigious castings: Jeffrey Wright (Westworld), Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) or the French Lyna Khoudri (Gagarin) thus make their appearance in this astonishing film, a bit crazy, but always joyful.

Pacific Rimrobots with formidable efficiency

We no longer need to introduce the prolific director Guillermo del Toro, author of Pan’s Labyrinthof The Shape of Water or of Hellboy, with a recognizable horrific style. While waiting to discover his version of Pinocchioavailable from December 9, 2022 on Netflix, you can still watch Pacific Rim, one of his best-known films. In this darker, more mature version of transformershumans use gigantic robots to fight terrifying creatures, the Kaijus.

Pacific Rim develops a narrative between action and science fiction, with impressive special effects. The film has become an essential blockbuster, which makes extensive use of Japanese legends while offering a modern reinterpretation of this essential folklore. Clever, original and monumental: what more could you ask for?

Inceptionthe essential puzzle

A classic was needed to complete this selection. It will therefore be this feature film that has become cult by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight), which will immerse you in the surreal world of dreams. Cobb is a specialist in the field: he can penetrate your deepest dreams to retrieve vital information. With his team of scammers, he is hired for one last mission, which should allow him to return to his family after years of illegality. But for that, they will have to master inception, a concept allowing not to extract ideas, but to implant thoughts in the subconscious.

Generally considered Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece, Inception develops an exciting story, whose different levels of interpretation impress with their originality. But it is above all the visual aspect that is stunning, punctuated by scenes taking place mainly in the world of dreams, where everything is possible: gravity then no longer exists and everyday buildings can change places as we please. . Inception is a mind-bending adventure of mastery that will twist your brain and challenge you to see your dreams differently.

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What are the best films to watch on Canal+?