What to see on HBO Max: if you like ‘Dark’ and ‘1899’ you may love this strange cult gem that was unfairly canceled

Netflix’s proposals have stood out for their complexity and their bizarre approaches that, surprisingly, have not prevented them from becoming phenomena. If only this misunderstood proposal had had the same luck.

One of the strangest and deliberately complex series that has been seen on television, being quite a challenge for the spectators. And even so, attractive and interesting in its enigmatic character, inviting to enter a truly unique world. we could be talking about Dark or its successor on Netflix, 1899but in reality it is carnivale.

This HBO Max series was one of the first originals from when HBO was just a cable television network. Or, as they said, it wasn’t just television, it was HBO. Many series contributed to this different and prestigious image, and this work by Daniel Knauf is among them, although he did not have enough confidence or the necessary audience to avoid a cancellation that continues to feel unfair.

The series takes us to the year 1934, at the height of the Great Depression in the United States. The stock market crash of 1929 created a devastating social and economic crisis, condemning to poverty many citizens who had to make a living as best they could. In these are several of the characters that we find in a particular traveling circus.

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Our main protagonist is Ben Hawkins, a young orphan who joins this whirlwind full of personified strange phenomena and also prostitution. He tries to discreetly pass by doing normal circus worker tasks, but he has a few mysterious healing powers which will be one of the main sources of conflict in the story.

The combination of peculiarities typical of the circus with supernatural phenomena make it a really special work of fantasy, but its way of introducing elements like the economic crisis and the power of religion make it completely different from any other series you’ve seen. One that marked in a certain way the way in which HBO series develop, both in rhythm and in tone.

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It is not exactly the easiest series in the worldbecause it tends a lot to inflate certain mysteries that it never ends up solving and some plots can be frustrating, but that hasn’t exactly stopped Dark. Who knows if, with the possibilities of streaming and a more willing public, it would have captured more attention and avoided that unfair cancellation that fell at the end of its second season.

However, it remains a key piece in the chain’s history and rear platform. A really beautiful series that expanded the visual possibilities of the television medium, and never stopped believing in itself and in its different and bizarre proposal. For this reason, it has a certain cult following among some fantastic fans, and for that reason it deserves that you give it a chance.

You can see carnivale on HBO Max.

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What to see on HBO Max: if you like ‘Dark’ and ‘1899’ you may love this strange cult gem that was unfairly canceled