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1923 created to record numbers for Paramount. It’s a prequel to the drama Yellowstoneand relates to Yellowstone: 1883, all of which follow the history and notoriety of the Dutton family. As Kevin Costner holds the reins as John Dutton in Yellowstone, this episode will feature equally important Hollywood names, namely Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.

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1923 covers a generation of the Dutton family as they faced impossible challenges, such as a pandemic (which people will no doubt identify with), the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression. To celebrate the release and success of another neo-Western primetime hit, find out the cast and where to watch them more 1923.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is a movie legend. His career spanned decades, and he not only made memorable feature films as the lead actor, but he was also pivotal to some of the most beloved franchises in history. In addition to watching Ford as archaeologist adventurer Indiana Jones, fans can also see him in the star wars franchise.

Additionally, Ford has played around in some classic features such as Air Force Onewhere he was President James Marshall, and science fiction masterpiece blade runner, in which he played the protagonist, Deckard. Interesting way, 1923 isn’t the first time Ford has appeared with Helen Mirren, as they starred together in The Mosquito Coast in 1986. In 1923he plays the patriarch, Jacob Dutton.

Helen Mirren

By coincidence (or not), some Helen MirrenThe most important main roles are royalty. In The Queenshe sets the stage Queen Elizabeth IIand in Catherine the Great, an HBO production miniseries, she plays the role of Russian Empress Catherine the Great. Her role as Queen Elizabeth in The Queen won Mirren the Academy Award for Best Actress.

However, Mirren is also a bit of a daredevil; in addition to portraying royalty, she can frequently be seen in action movies, including RED (next to Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson), and The Fast and the Furious Flunch (F9: the fast sagaand Hobbs & Shaw). Mirren is definitely a woman of many faces and talents, and she will no doubt continue to be fantastic in 1923 like the matriarch, Cara Dutton.

Brandon Sklenar

Brandon Sklenar had a considerable career, if a little under the radar in some respects. Although it took the lead in several features (one is Indigo Valley) these movies never got much attention. Still, he appeared in a supporting role in Roland Emmerichthe spectacle of World War II Half-wayand acted beside Christian Bale in the critically acclaimed biopic Vice.

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In 1923Brandon Sklenar plays spencer dutonthe younger brother of John Dutton I. Expectations of Sklenar in this role have been high since his first appearances in promotional spots for the series.

Darren Man

Even though Animal Kingdom had a good, long run for six years and six seasons, Darren Man only appeared in the last stint. Still, his role was pivotal, as he played young Baz (who was originally played by Scott Speedman in previous seasons).

Besides his role in Animal Kingdom, Mann played Luke in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and a supporting roleBallas Kohl in the feature film Little Giants. In 1923Mann stars as Jack Dutton, the son of John Dutton I and Emily.

Brian Geraghty

Brian Geraghty had quite a long and outstanding career; he went from a cameo to The Sopranos lead roles in some of the most popular television series and films of the time. His role as Theodore Roosevelt in the alienist brought him into the limelight and acclaim, but a role in Chicago PD generated even more exposure.

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In 1923, Brian Geraghty plays Zane Davis a ranch foreman. Given 1923After already considerable success, other big roles seem guaranteed for the actor.

Jerome Flynn

Jerome Flynn is one of the most outstanding figures of 1923 trailer, where he appears to be playing a working-class man. However, fans might know him from other projects, as Flynn is a well-established British actor whose acting credit dates back to 1985.

Flynn’s most notable earlier works include game of thrones (where he played Bron,) Ripper Street(in which he was Detective Bennett Drake) and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. This funny and charming actor will likely have a fantastic screen presence in the upcoming series, as he always does.

James Insigne Dale

A huge hit in its day, Fox’s 24 was perhaps the role that helped James Insigne Dale becoming important. He starred as Chase Edmunds, the undercover agent and partner of Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer. Making the most of this, Dale went on to play detective roles in ITUCand action movies like iron man 3 and World War Z.

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James Badge Dale works well in many genres, and in 1923, he plays John Dutton I, Jacob’s nephew. Since John Dutton Senior is a crucial character in the Dutton line, Dale has great shoes to fill out the story.

Marley Shelton

Marley Shelton has graced the big screen for a while now. Her most recent role was in 2022 Scream, where she played Sheriff Judy Hicks (a role she reprized from the previous entry). His other notable roles include Hannah in the action thriller ManhuntDr. Atkins in action adventure Carnage, and a depiction of Dr. Dakota Block in Crusher.

The role of Marley Shelton in 1923 is rather tall – she plays Emma Dutton, wife of John Dutton I and mother of Jack, who seeks to inherit the Yellowstone Ranch. Shelton’s on-screen presence is always graceful and captivating, so playing someone as tall as Emma will probably suit her well.

Sebastien Roche

Sebastien Roche is a prominent French-Scottish actor with a long career. One of his most important roles includes Martin Heusmann in The Man in the High Castlebut other viewers may have also seen it in Fringe and Supernatural. It seems that Roche thrives in fantasy and sci-fi series, so 1923 may be a step in a different direction for him.

In the series, he plays the role of the local pastor, Father Renaud. According to IMDb, he will only appear in four out of eight episodes, which is surely enough to establish his screen presence and importance as a character.

Timothy Dalton

This actor perhaps needs no introduction. Just the mention of the name Timothy Dalton conjures up memories of some of his greatest roles. He was James Bond from 1987 to 1989; today he is better known as Simon Skinner of black comedy Warm fuzz and like Niles Caulder in Doom Patrol.

The first face fans saw in the 1923 the trailer is Dalton’s. Although he is apparently an impactful character on the show, IMDb’s data does not specify how many episodes he appears in. Considering his great charm and presence, more Timothy Dalton is always better than less Timothy Dalton.

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